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Total Hypocrisy of Melrose So-Called Leaders re Racism

from yesterday's FP article: "Mayor Robert Dolan said direct action is sometimes necessary to oppose the forces of hate, as demonstrators in Boston recently did, vastly outnumbering and out-messaging a small group of white supremacists. He recalled a gathering of neo-Nazis that occurred in Wakefield in 2002, and the counter-protests and vigils that ensued.

“On that day, thousands of citizens of Melrose and the region were there, with maybe not as many police officers as you saw in Boston or Charlottesville, but close to it, with machine guns on top of the library. It was horrifying. And this community and this region stood up on that day, and it was a very proud moment for me, as a young man and a young mayor.”

Mistakes and missteps are inevitable, Dolan added. The important thing is to learn from them."

Oh really? This from the guy who raved in support of the superintendent ("Exemplary") just after the US Dept of Civil Rights deemed the school system/city (yes, city!) guilty of serious SYSTEMIC violations of federal civil rights of students. Instead of firing this superintendent when she supported the head of the teacher's union who made overt racist comments (many, not just "go back to the plantation") to black and Muslim students, he made sure she was awarded and rewarded! This from the guy who supported the previous superintendent when he refused to declare a hate crime when a gay cheer leader had rocks thrown at him following a game (it took the District Attorney to step in and make that determination since the locals would not do it). This from the guy who routinely lashes out in Trumpian hateful diatribes, calling those with dissenting views "Haters"! "Missteps" Mayor Dolan? Is that what you call it?

And all those Do-Nothing pols who made sure to have their Photo Op were equally hypocritical, even if not as directly implicated. They have not taken a single meaningful action about the locals who have committed grave wrongdoing. It's all fine and dandy to make speeches and carry candles. But these so-called leaders are shameful hypocrites who have never once stood up when it counted and when it is difficult. They know about the OCR and MCAD filings. They know how horribly METCO students and staff (or anyone "Other" or who has a dissenting/alternate view) are treated in this city. They'll play this sick game and claim to be all about decency and American rights, only when it would cost them NOT to be there waving the flag and singing Kumbaya. But the rest of the time.... Disgusting!

"“I’ve come to appreciate that Melrose stands its ground as a place of peace and welcome, meaning what it says and defending what it means when it says ‘One Community Open to All,’ which is probably the most American motto I’ve ever heard,” he said. “Melrosians as a body believe in freedom of speech, and equal protection of the laws, and in respecting the rights of all of our neighbors. Our opinions are as strong as our family values, and we do not exclude others on the basis of the very things that make us most interesting and strong.”
Rabbi Arnold Fertig of Temple Beth Shalom thanked Clark, Dolan, State Rep. Paul Brodeur, and members of the local government for lending their endorsement to the event."

And from that temple's sisterhood came the words "misconstrued" and "mountain out of a molehill by the haters" when one of their own told a black student to "go back to the plantation"? Just a "misconstrued" "molehill" despite significant and systemic findings about discriminatory and prohibited conduct as found by the federal government following a two-year investigation?

"“We join in our affirmation that truth is truth, and that alternate facts, more often than not, are just propaganda.”"
Is that why Taymore, Dolan and Driscoll hired a PR agency for $900/month of taxpayer dollars (approved by the aldermen that supposedly take such full responsibility in their oversight role) that should be going towards helping students? To tell the "truth"? So propaganda is okay (and paid for by Melrose taxpayers) as long as it's constructed by Melrose politicians and school administrators apparently.

"I’m delighted that our elected leaders in this location are present with us to give us their support in making this community truly welcoming to all..."
This from one totally absent when it counts, when some of these same so-called leaders are the ones guilty of hateful actions, words, or being bystanders of same.

Re: Total Hypocrisy of Melrose So-Called Leaders re Racism

As Melrosian noted above - facts speak for themselves! Hypocrisy is alive and well in Melrose - beginning with Dolan and moving down the chain.