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My Christmas wish is that Melrose take the opportunity to move toward greater Transparency in these unexpected political times. I've read about The City Charter, deadline dates, BOA games and the uncertainty facing Melrose government and Melrose taxpayers. Even though I've had differences with Dolan, he has done many good things. I would hope he thinks long and hard about the Mayoral Succession process. No matter what happens, the BOA will have deeper divisions than ever and the broken trust and hard feelings will affect us all. Anyone who wants to be Mayor needs to put themselves on the line and run in a special election. A citywide vote is the only democratic way to decide our future.

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And there in lies the question. Will Dolan do what I think is the right thing and resign on December 31 or January 1? That would ensure a special election.

The City issue paychecks on the last day of the month. What I don't know is if he resigns on January 1 as opposed to December 31, would that get him his full January check? If not, and since he doesn't start in Lynnfield until February sometime, would he then stay on through the end of January to get his full January check? That applies to February as well. If he stays until February 1, would that get him a full February check or not?

We're not talking chump change here. It's $11000 a month.

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Dolan needs to leave on or before 1-7-18 in order for a special election to be held. On 1-8-18 Dolan's 3rd year will begin and then the Charter spells out that the BOA President would be the Mayor. This is why Tramontozzi, Infurna and Mederios want to be the BOA President all of a sudden. If Dolan has any integrity at all and cares about his legacy, he cannot allow six votes on the BOA choose the next Mayor. I wouldn't care if they paid him for the whole month of January even for a week's work as long as an election is held. Although I'm sure that his paycheck could be prorated. Resignation on 12-31-17 is the just, ethical and only thing to do. If he loves Melrose as much as he claims, he cannot allow some of newly the announced BOA candidates to possibly be Mayor! The League of Women Voters need to hold a Mayoral Candidates Forum in the overpriced and underused MHS "Learning Commons" or better yet the MVMMS Auditorium. Let Democracy and Freedom Ring!

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I really hope the interim Mayor will not be someone just looking to add larger income to boost their retirement .

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If the Melrose Democrats and Mayor Dolan allow a member of the BOA to serve as Mayor to boost their pension, they should rot in hell along with Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Jeff Sessions, all the Republicans who supported the Child Molestor, Roy Moore and the phony tax voting Republicans who criticized Trump during the primaries (took his abuse) but then kissed his ass and now serve in the UN or Cabinet. Stop the lying phony partisanship Melrose Democrats and stand up for democracy and fairness by insisting for an election and that Dolan resign this week!

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Dolan will do what's best for Dolan.

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MELORSE, MA — There are Melrosians driving cars today that have never known life without Mayor Robert Dolan in charge. Now, after Dolan was unanimously approved as Lynnfield Town Administrator in a Wednesday night meeting, all eyes are on who will be next.

Dolan's 16-year-run indisputably transformed Melrose. While there is much to reflect on and celebrate, many are now asking who will take his place.

Much hinges on just when Dolan vacates the Mayor's office.

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The City Charter states that if a vacancy occurs within the first two years of a term, then a special election will be held within 90 days of the vacancy. The winner of that election would hold the office until the initial term of the original mayor was set to expire.

If the office becomes vacant after the beginning of the mayor's third year, the president of the Board of Aldermen would assume the role of mayor. You can read the Section 3-10 of the City Charter below.

The third year of Dolan's four-year term would begin Jan. 8. The Mayor's office told Patch the date Dolan would vacate office is still undetermined.

Dolan is expected to start in Lynnfield in early February.

President Donald Conn Jr. lost his reelection bid in November and will leave office Jan. 8. The incoming board chose Mike Zwirko to succeed Conn on Dec. 4, but that was in a nonbonding caucus. A formal vote will take place on Jan. 8, and it's now looking like a more competitive race.

The Melrose Free Press reports Aldermen John Tramontozzi, Gail Infurna, and Monica Medeiros will be vying for the presidency now that it could essentially be a vote for mayor.

While some residents may be surprised to hear a person who was never on the mayoral ballot may be running the city, the City Charter makes the process clear. The charter was recently reviewed, and Patch was told the provision regarding a mayoral vacancy was not brought up for consideration.

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(a) Special Election - If a vacancy in the office of mayor occurs during the first 2 years of the term for which the mayor is elected, whether by reason of death, resignation, removal from office, incapacity, or otherwise, the board of aldermen shall immediately, in the manner provided in section 7-1, order a special election to be held within 90 days following the date the vacancy is created, to fill the vacancy for the balance of the then unexpired term. If a regular city election is to be held within 120 days following the date the vacancy is created a special election need not be held and the position shall be filled by vote at such regular election.

(b) President of Aldermen To Serve As Mayor - If a vacancy in the office of mayor occurs in the third or fourth year of the term for which the mayor is elected, whether by reason of death, resignation, removal from office, or otherwise, the president of the board of aldermen shall become the mayor. Upon the qualification of the president of the board of aldermen as the mayor, under this section, a vacancy shall exist in that seat on the board of aldermen which shall be filled in the manner provided in section 2-11. A president serving as mayor under this subsection shall not be subject to the restrictions contained in the third sentence of section 3-1(a), nor shall that person be entitled to have the words "candidate for re-election" printed against their name on the election ballot.

(c) Powers, Term of Office - The mayor elected under Section 3-10(a) or (b) shall have all the powers of the mayor. A person elected under subsection (a), shall serve for the balance of the term unexpired at the time of election to the office. A person chosen under subsection (b), shall serve until the time of the next regular election at which time the person elected to fill the office for the ensuing term of office shall serve, in addition, for the balance of the then unexpired term.