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We stand around and we blast the president for sinking the economy or being this or that but the same liberal agenda wants to increase taxes by 600 bucks a year from a bill passed by a mayor not elected by the people. You blame the president of the issues in the country but you rally behind the leaders of our community? Really? Should you not be asking them why the schools fail, why they didn't do this or that. You want trump gone or replaced because it will make things better well does that not work here. The schools are in "doomsday" status according to you but yet you rally behind Taymore who mismanaged the schools and cost us millions in lawsuits but why not replace her or bring her to question. We just vote yes because what? Tis town is so upside down. Political oppression by liberals in this town has become such norm it is causing things to fail. Same people using children to gain money and scare people for votes. Appalling. Vote yes when their is no information. I am sorry but who cares bout the party, their was no information and people were already pinning yes buttons to their shirts. Donate the money to the school. All words without action. Wind without rain. Makes this town look petty. I usually don't like to bring up parties because all are entitled to their views but coming here it is saddening to see the liberals trying to constantly ram things down peoples throats. Get a real Mayor who is voted on by the majority and how about the School Committee does its job and takes a hard look at the "president" of our schools and ask questions. You do it to trump.

Re: Hypocrites

It's not the "liberals" trying to ram this boondoggle override down anyone's throats. Those doing this are ignorant and fake liberals at best. Real liberals/progressives (and those proud to claim it!) demand truth and accountability, not blind fealty.

What parades around Melrose as "dems" is anything but. Just look at their ignorant support of criminal conduct of city officials--mayor's godfather chief of staff/cemetery commissioner, federally condemned illegal conduct of entire school administration/school committee as outlined in OCR findings, illegal distribution/funneling of city salaries via Enterprise funds, illegal use of city coffers for Emergency Fund, and on and on.

Those who rabidly thrust their "Yes" buttons and fliers at the community are not "liberals." They only latch themselves onto that label and then prey on the truly gullible in this community. No self-respecting progressive could attach to this local "dem" party with its sordid history, like when it backed, and still allows in its ranks, for many years a sleazebag notoriously handsy pol who barely escaped prosecution in the state house by apparently singing to the prosecutors (and who got fired for allegedly feeling up a blind girl in his job at the school for the blind). These local "dems" continue to look the other way at documented civil rights crimes that took place and that continue to occur in the "dem"-run school system. These are not "liberals" at all! These are frauds, and Melrose just keeps looking the other way and writing checks for their campaigns, for their flamingo flocks, and on and on. Melrose has earned the shame it has in the region as the total disgrace it is.

Re: Hypocrites

You know what? That was solid. I was getting literally harassed for asking questions about why and such. You are correct! I could care less about party I just want answers and information to be able to make the right decision. You are right and I think we agree on mismanagement and yes Melrose has earned its disgrace with these things. I get scared as people seem to want to push me out of town because I am a blue collar private sector working man. You have this group that just wants to say money is the problem, throw money at it but the facts show that is not the answer and not just in Melrose. Books like Waiting for Superman about schools, so many ideas and such. I found it very scary when at the first meeting with the Mayor this group was shouting yes yes yes and the Mayor was there to take questions. No number not a single thing was even said about what the school needed or where to apply the money or how much but they already had the yes going. I'm an independent for the record and I wanted to hear facts about the school and listen to Taymore and her next excuse on why she needs more money. Yes I do believe the upper administration is at fault for teachers leaving and the schools lacking in certain areas. Instead a hundred people got up and say Yes! Then give the exact same speech over and over again with "this is our kids." I know that hence why I wantd to hear as much as possible but it was shut out by these people. This happened last override. But the Mayor has her pin already. It is such crap. These people say one thing and the exact opposite happens. It is a disgrace and a shame. Like I said it is so frustrating to feel like a cast out or being pushed out of a city we moved to from another state for the schools. Yet the schools for us have been great minus the few times we had to deal with Taymore. But I will say the Liberal party since I have moved here has treated me with such ignorance but I am extremely happy I have got a chance to listen to you. I feel a bit better being a Melrose citizen. Thank you again.