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Re: Tired of the Name Calling

Did Monica get an answer regarding her appeal for documents?

Re: Tired of the Name Calling

I guess in one sense you are right - I do have a side. It's not the Yes side or the No side - at least not yet. It's the truth side. The full disclosure side. I'm not going to vote yes if I don't feel like I have the facts, or if I feel as if I'm being misled or lied to. The Yes people outright lied to us the last time. Now the onus is on them to show me that they're not doing so again. If they could do that I'd consider a yes vote. But when all they can manage is to insult anyone who asks for details, it doesn't do much to convince me. Do some No people respond to their insults with anger? Sure. That's human nature. When someone tries to bull$hit me I also find it annoying, and on occasion I might be tempted to respond with a resounding "go f*** yourself" too. But I haven't done it here, and I won't. I also won't vote to spend five million bucks a year forever if I think I'm being fed a line of bull$hit - again. If you don't understand why I'm skeptical you haven't been paying attention the last ten or twelve years.

Re: Tired of the Name Calling

No, Monica has not received any of what she has asked for in August. I believe there is a pending complaint with the Secretary of State's office, Public Records Compliance Division. The documents are all required to be released if they exist, which they do.

Re: Tired of the Name Calling

If there's nothing to hide, then why not make them available? If it walks like a duck......

The lesson nobody ever seems to learn is that it's not the mistake that gets you into trouble. It's the cover-up.