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Re: Melrose Gets What it Deserves

Live Debate
Any Yes voter, teacher, Taymore, Mayor or Alderman that wishes to debate the facts please leave a message here. Melrose Local Tv I am sure would be happy to cover it or we can get private support. Let us get this all in the open. Leave a message on this site on when and where? Let us meet in a public place and argue facts and see where we end up!

Would ove a question and answer with Mayor.

A meeting on the plan for the future with Taymore

A meeting with the Alderman that refused Monica proper facts and information needed. How man people vote yes without this infoirmation

A discussion with the School Commitee on why no one is being held accountable.
I’m still waiting for OUR debate, “Live Debate” or should I call you “VOTE NO”? How many other handles do you use on here? I bet half of these threads are just you logging in and talking to yourself. You chickened out last time....stop wasting people’s time with your constant “keyboard warrior” demands for debates. You won’t show and no one wants to listen to you.

Re: Melrose Gets What it Deserves

Educated and informed voter.We do have.Just to get even basic information in order to make informed decisions on important votes. The voters will do.

Re: Melrose Gets What it Deserves

Much of the talk in Melrose of late has centered on the upcoming tax override vote, with each side of the debate making their presence known and stating their respective cases to all who will listen.

Re: Melrose Gets What it Deserves

It is what it is

Re: Melrose Gets What it Deserves

I am willing consider voting "yes" only when city hall and the superintendent's office come forward with requested information on past spending as well budget projections. In the past, they refuse to release this information, even to our elected alderman and school committee members who have had to repeatedly enforce compliance with the State's Public Records laws by filing complaints with the Secretary of State's office. I consider this obstructionist and undemocratic behavior by the mayor, school committee chair, superintendent of schools and other complicit public servants as a personal attack against the taxpayers and students of Melrose. This abhorrent behavior continues to this day and was the primary reason the last override failed miserably. Melrose taxpayers would like to make an educated decision on the override, but cannot if these city officials continue to deny information requests.

Re: Melrose Gets What it Deserves

Apparently the message board is doing the job it's supposed to be doing. That's the freedom of speech.

Re: Melrose Gets What it Deserves

This is the first time that I've heard of someone wanting to pay property taxes on the price that they would list their home for. The Market goes up and down so its not a stable figure. For example, the housing market went down nationally 6% in December, for no apparent reason. Property taxes can't move around like that and make sense. It's customary to tax on the assessed value because although the number may lag behind, it needs to be stable. It can go the other way too. You can sell for less than your assessed value but the buyer isn't going to pay lower taxes. Think about all those $1interfamily transfers.

To use a site like Zillow or Redfin? These are estimates that a commercial site is giving in order to further their business aims.

If you want to send city hall the amount of money you'd pay if your home was assessed what you would list it for, if it's more that your normal taxes, they should happily oblige you.

Re: Melrose Gets What it Deserves

The reason you don't see many administration supporters posting here is because every time they do try to pass on the administration's propaganda, they are totally and thoroughly debunked with facts they can't dispute.

The administration is scared to death of this site, both now, and in it's prior incarnation. Why else do you think Dolan banned access to it, a practice that continues to this day?

This is the only place where voters can get even a portion of the truth. They certainly can't get it from city officials, who continue to mislead, obfuscate, and outright lie about all things fiscal. Melrose is a house of cards. The sooner that house of cards collapses, the sooner we can get a mulligan and fix the mess we've allowed to happen.

Re: Melrose Gets What it Deserves

I think it’s April 2 2019.
It’s all smoke and mirrors so just put on the mask and breathe deep into the illusion.
Wake up and vote No!

Re: Melrose Gets What it Deserves

It is big dark secret, just the way they want it.

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