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Huge Melrose budget surpluses

Since GI never tells anybody this, so it's important to know that Melrose each year has HUGE budget surpluses. They call it "free cash", but it's really a budget surplus. Here are the surpluses for the past few years:

FY18 - $3.5M
FY17 - $2.2M
FY16 - $4.3M
FY15 - $3.3M
FY14 - $3.1M


Re: Huge Melrose budget surpluses

Much of the talk in Melrose of late has centered on the upcoming tax override vote, with each side of the debate making their presence known and stating their respective cases to all who will listen.

Re: Huge Melrose budget surpluses

I still smile whenever i think of that override getting flushed down the toilet by the realistic people in our city.