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family feud farce

Melrose politics on display at Memorial Hall “Family Feud”
Illegitimate Gail shaking hands with Shamed Dolan
Zwirko posting the unflattering photo on his twitter feed
Thanks to all of them our City is a fiscal mess
VOTING NO on April 2nd

Re: family feud farce

I’m going to jump on your post instead of starting a new one. I’m voting no too and am wondering where people have gotten the no lawn signs. So nice to see because I don’t think there was any last time.

Can I also discuss the MCG and the spiel about the apartments not leading to overcrowding. The article mentions the population with all the apartments is still low compared to 1970. In 1970 the population was due to the baby boom. A large portion of the population was school children. Traffic was not nearly as bad as it is today because most households had only one or two cars. Teenagers used the family vehicle and by the time they got their own they were ready to move out because they could. Now if there is two parents in a house and three young adults say 21, 19, and 17 most likely each of them own a vehicle. Drive through the Windsor complex and you’ll see how many vehicles have been added to our roadways. The city also had 4 more open elementary schools then. So don’t compare the two years.

Why do some citizens, ordinary citizens think they have to defend the city all the time. It’s the same people who speak out when someone complains. You’re not getting a citizen of the year award. Stop convincing us how much you love your city.

Re: family feud farce

Zwirks pic of Mayor vs Mayor should say thing 1 vs thing 2