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Override comments

Kind of funny that citizens are beating each other up verbally on the FB community group about the pot shop downtown. Really nasty, but all comments turned off about override. Strange. Also does everyone know about the increase in water/sewer coming up end of April. Hope news picks this up. Voting NO but I can’t post it. Lol

Re: Override comments

I'm voting no too. But I can't say anything or post sign in my window for fear that someone will boycott my business. What little people there are here. What happened to my right to my opinion and private vote? "Go along, or get OUT". Whatever. When I'm ready to leave, I'll do just that and leave the rest of these sanctimonious bullies to try and sell their overtaxed properties to someone else.
I'll tell you one thing I've learned living here, it was a commuters dream. Close to 95, 93, Boston, etc. Well, before the massive sellout by trying to build up this city to something it was never intended to be - part of the over-populated belt that the politicians have planned out.