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Thoughts from a relatively newcomer

I'm a little confused. I heard and read about the 'wonderful' community Melrose is. But from an outsider looking in, it is hardly a "One Melrose". The political landscape is identical to the national one - sadly. Now we find out that threats and false identities are produced to push one side of an argument? Using a photo of a person 2000 miles away as the profile picture?? Is anyone NOT offended by this? This deception should rial everyone in this community. I'm not talking about a second email address that we send all the crap to that we don't want in our regular email, I'm talking about someone deliberately voicing an opinion, support, or commenting in several online venues. Posing as someone who has a stake in the community when none exists is alarming.
Whom ever did this deception thought nothing to insult our intelligence and integrity - and everyone in this community deserves an apology from this person or persons. Will we ever get one? Hell no. If someone is willing to go that far with a deception, there's no way that cowardice will give way to common decency.
This isn't a tirade for or against the override. This is merely about a deception that someone thought it was easy enough to foist upon every citizen of Melrose.
Several years ago there was a commercial on television - I can't remember what the product was off hand - the catch line was "Why ask why". Ever since then I've always though 'Why NOT ask why?'. Why was this deception brought about in the first place? What is the real reason the false name and stollen picture were perpetrated upon us? If someone has something to say, say it. You can be "John H" just as easily as I can, but I'm not stealing someone's photo to do it. Nor am I threatening anyone by telling them I'm dropping a bomb on their house. This deception and threat should anger everyone.

"One Melrose"? We are anything but.

Re: Thoughts from a relatively newcomer

If a fake Facebook prior has you so rattled, then you have stepped into the worst possible place to find what you’re,looking for. Anonymous trolls will post the vilest unsubstantiated attacks at any person in the current City administration because they merely like to romanticize ‘the way it was’....and also generally have a saucy demeanor and complain for degrade people for no reason and without gifting them the courtesy of signing their real name.

Oh, and if you do stick around check out some of the favorite conspiracy theories. Cemetery Plots is a good place to start.

Re: Thoughts from a relatively newcomer

Um...cemetery plot is not a conspiracy theory. It's a fact. Have you forgotten there was an actual conviction? Unbelievable.

Re: Thoughts from a relatively newcomer

Oy. Didn't the poster himself call it a conspiracy theory? BTW, are there any of those plots left? I need one for short money.

Re: Thoughts from a relatively newcomer

John H sounds like Trump and his "no collusion" chants, always trying to minimize/marginalize any criticism or even actual illegal and criminal conduct. This kind of mentality sums up the Dolan (and the inarticulate sycophant heiress of his throne) approach to criticism as well. Call them all stupid haters and label anything that might be problematic, as it were, a cruel hoax.

Re: Thoughts from a relatively newcomer

Here we go again, MM is supposedly only fiction and witchhunts while the City Hall shills are all about truth and responsibility. Sorry Bub, but even the Boston Globe reporters openly admit checking this site if they want the real news in Melrose, since the media "of record," as it were, is totally in the tank and has been with few exceptions (one of them being Aaron L's excellent investigative reporting).

Keep it up with your "no collusion" "witchhunt" slamming of this message board, but that will not put a dent in the numbers of people who come here to find the real scoop.

Re: Thoughts from a relatively newcomer

You mean real news like this? No wonder I cancelled my Globe subscription.....

"It's about knowing that every day, the choices we make can and will affect our lives. It's about being accountable for our choices in life. We have the right to make our decisions every day, and every day is a new day. I will vote NO."