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ONE equals MAGA

" I won’t
No, I won’t move on. I live here. My kids go to school here. Just because you don’t want to adequately fund City services that shouldn’t be a reason for me to leave. If you really can’t afford $50/month, go use all that equity built up in your home over the past decades and get a loan. Without the override City services will be cut so severely that housing prices will drop over time. You can either pay now or pay later.
Stop being cheap...."

"oh I could list the reasons but really it’s not worth the effort to explain how much these people XXck my special needs Daughter with a no vote. So excuse me if I call a group of people for what they are.
if you think I’m angry now. Wait t see what I have to say if this override doesn’t pass. I’m holding you personally responsible for the lack of support that my daughter needs.
I think your group is full of $hit and will lie to save a few bucks at the cost of the future of Melrose but I really don’t think you care. You don’t have to live with the day to day struggles my daughter experienced due to an underfunded school after you successfully shot down the last override. Like I said I hold you personally responsible.
I also take the future of my child very seriously so if you don't want to take the brunt of my anger for a movement you so vehemently support then maybe you shouldn't be so publically vocal about it."

This hateful, dangerous, juvenile nonsense needs to stop! These kinds of posts are amplified and unleashed by the sanitized versions that city officials have put out there, like Alderman Mortimer's, which mocks the concerns of seniors and tries to shame them to incur $50,000 in liens on their homes. How insane, inflammatory, hugely disrespectful, and just plain ridiculous! All the other aldermen, school committee members (except MM!) and mayor are basically threatening and shaming anyone who dares to question, let alone openly contradict this ill-conceived override. MZ is just silly in his pomposity, as are the rest of the simpering BOA. Kate L-G stokes the fire with her condescending and utterly flawed "data" that shows exactly how little she understands about the materials she's freewheeling. Jen Mc is predictably sneering and preaching her tired lines, as are the rest of her SC (and MEF) members. Ed is such a proven disgrace that it's tough to even dignify his open brown-nosing and condescension, let alone the fake math he's only too happy to promulgate. (How this city could have elevated him to such a position says nothing good about the current batch of Melrose parents, and certainly shows how little credibility this entire endeavor should have!) The two state reps should know better than to have jumped into this sick, divisive stew, but given their typical poor performance, it's no surprise.

Melrose officials (except Medeiros, who is taking unfair heat and below-the-belt attacks over and over again) have targeted and amped-up the "Birth to Five" and "Real Moms of Melrose" crowd in scary ways. They have put on the dais and empowered a special education parent with illegitimate authority to scare and fuel imbalanced parents (like the 2nd one above) about the harms that will come to their children if the override doesn't pass, even in the same session as the superintendent states emphatically that the law does not allow cutting of mandated special education services (but she keeps the sleight of hand, legitimizing the deeply flawed statements of the parent she has next to her). They have thrown gas on the "Infurno," inciting the many room-mother types who have a massive need to feel important to the extent that they are now Melrose jihadists for this blasted override.

Some of the very worst Melrose teachers (as in documented terrible!) are holding signs and being trotted out to advocate for this thing. (One has to feel worry for any child of one of these jihadist parents if they have the misfortune to be a student of one of these truly awful teachers. Like several of the top brass of the district, these incompetent and lazy "educators" can't get another job elsewhere because of the known bad raps in their file and even in a couple of cases, in numerous public documents!) One of them is known to have openly and repeatedly called MHS a $hithole in front of his students, and then caused the district to have to spend $$$$$ on consultants and lawyers because of his notorious poor treatment of female staff that led to legal action (all sanitized and hidden by the administration, naturally). (His data was cooked, also, because instead of "growing" the program, he's in fact been one of the primary reasons the enrollment in his program are historically low.)

Our city officials have encouraged the very worst of Melrose with their hysteria-inspiring projections. They take no responsibility for their Trump-style rhetoric and methods. The OneMelrose hat is now right there on a par with the MAGA hats now. This dumpster fire will be very difficult to put out, if that is ever possible.

The only hope Melrose has now is to sink this override measure and then to put forward two powerfully packed slates of candidates with intelligence and actual integrity for BOA and SC, along with a competent and trustworthy mayoral candidate. Signing papers at the Victorian Fair for ethical, trustworthy candidates will be a joy!

Re: ONE equals MAGA

Go away, Clown Patrol. And we're not your "pals"!

Re: ONE equals MAGA

Honestly I would have considered a YES vote if the city waited until a Mayor that we voted in was in place. I feel like this was so rushed.

Re: ONE equals MAGA

The original poster is criticizing because he is tried of the attacks by the yes crowd. It’s called pushing back. He is on point about the character of the leaders mentioned. The “celebrities” of Melrose actual believe because the birth-5 crowd worships them and their progressive ways that they are actually celebrities.

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What a 'space hog'. Only reminds people that 'an empty wagon makes a lot of noise". Only turns possible possible supporters off.

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Sorry but original poster not an "empty wagon", but actually right on the money, full of detail and spot on as far as accuracy. Not turned off, but glad to see all those points so well articulated. Too bad for those who have no attention span.