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Lipper-G Is Wrong

K L-G is so full of herself and so dead wrong in her pompous statements. She apparently didn't know during the vote to put the override forward that she was referencing data on the "Visual Budget" that was three years out of date. But she wanted us to be impressed with her fancy "facts" and how right she thinks she is. There are so many basic errors in her constructs, and she truly doesn't have a clue. Instead we are supposed to be impressed with her Ivy League and government background. She pulled this crap right from the start when she headed off the vote bandwagon for Infurno in support of her as mayor due to her fellow womanhood and years of (incompetent) service. (L-G didn't even live here all those years, but she claimed know-it-all status anyway.) L-G clearly does not know what she's doing, and she should be ashamed of herself to be so ignorant AND so arrogant while being SO WRONG.

Re: Lipper-G Is Wrong

She will never be ashamed of herself. These arrogant types never are. Her assessments are wrong but she was just looking to support the pro override narrative. She didn't do any special research that any other citizen couldn't do.