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Infurna Is A Disgrace

In case there was ever any doubt about the total lack of character of the people running this city, this should clear it up for you.

Some scenarios require extraordinary response. Instead, these poor people get this line of crap. We should all be ashamed and outraged.

Re: Infurna Is A Disgrace

I certainly am.

Re: Infurna Is A Disgrace

Leadership, something truly lacking in our fair city, means being able to recognize when a scenario calls for extraordinary action, and being willing to take that action, even if it means stepping "outside the box". Does doing the right thing sometimes call for a little courage? Sure. Have we seen anything like that from the city's leadership? Most assuredly not.

What I especially don't get is why Infurna continues to cover for Clay, who clearly monumentally screwed up. I'm sick of hearing that "there are no standards to compare to". That doesn't mean that everything is okay and safe, as was so eloquently made clear by the physician and public health expert who spoke at the meeting. Clay should immediately be kicked to the curb, but instead Infurna continues to come to her defense, and the longer she does so, the worse the optics get. Why?

Those advocating for letting the city's insurance handle it are so far off base it's mind-boggling. Insurance companies are in the business of paying as little as they can get away with. Have you ever in your life seen a case where an insurance payout actually made a victim of some disaster truly whole? Watch the meeting. Watching Tramontozzi stammer and stutter as he tried to justify why the insurance route is the right thing to do was truly painful. He couldn't come close to doing so and he looked like an absolute fool trying.

I'm sick of hearing city officials spew this garbage of "fiscally responsibility". What about the responsibility to those poor homeowners who have been so injured by this? Why is the city so intent on avoiding their responsibility to ensure their safety? Take the money to pay for such an inspection out of the $170,000.00 in the emergency fund. Isn't this a perfect example of what it's there for?

Government's prime directive is to ensure the safety and well being of it's citizens, not just the ones who live on Apple Hill Road, and you can bet your a$$ that if this had happened on Apple Hill Road and not Brazil Street, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

I too am ashamed of this city. Something is really wrong with Melrose.

Re: Infurna Is A Disgrace

Thats what happens when you let liberals run the whole show thats what wrong with Melrose.god help us this is getting out of hand.we need both parties to work together and fix this city.just look at big citys around this country with liberals running the show....its called trashed.