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Re: Coronavirus Pandemic

After testing positive for the coronavirus just a couple months ago, Desmon Silva seemingly made a full recovery.

But on July 16, he stopped breathing.

Doctors rushed to put Silva on a ventilator and by Saturday night, he was flown to Massachusetts General Hospital from Tampa, Florida on a private intensive care jet with hopes of treating a rare infection that has left him paralyzed from the neck down, Boston25 News reported.

“They basically said it is COVID-related because it’s triggered by a viral infection,” Barbara Bonnet, Silva’s mother — a Massachusetts resident — told the station. “What happened is it laid dormant in my son’s system, still testing negative, still without any symptoms, but it was still there.”

Hoping to ease the financial burden of his treatments and the extensive rehab bills he may face in the future, Brooke Griffin organized a GoFundMe page for Silva.

PLEASE GO VIRAL: I'm raising money for: Help Us Help Desmon Silva. Click to Donate: via @gofundme

— Griffi9️⃣5️⃣™ (@griffin_brooke) July 21, 2020

Nearly 2,500 people from around the country had donated to the campaign as of Sunday afternoon, garnering $108,449 of its $200,000 goal.

“Desmon has always been a lover, but now also a fighter,” Griffin wrote in the fundraiser’s description. “Despite his condition, Desmon remains full of life.”

A 22-year-old nurse, Silva had been working to save lives on the front lines in Florida until he began fighting for his own.

“Desmon’s smile could light up the skyway. His giggle could make waves ripple through oceans worldwide. His zest for life could move mountains,” Griffin wrote. “He will fight the fight to come back, but he has a long road ahead.”

Bonnet told 25 News that Boston doctors have tentatively diagnosed her son with transverse myelitis — an inflammation of both sides of the spinal cord — but she’s hopeful he’ll make a full recovery soon.

“Desmon needs to return to breathing and walking on his own, so that he is able to continue helping and healing people, living the big and the small moments of his young life, catching sunsets, seeking adventure, celebrating his accomplishments, and growing old with those he loves,” Griffin wrote in her post. “Des – we all are rooting for you.”

Re: Coronavirus Pandemic

So what, your reason for posting this here is to "Ask the Mayor" for a donation?

Re: As COVID-19 makes a comeback, so will lockdowns

The mayor needs to go still no one coming to MPS to apply.

Re: Tiny Methuen pays its police chief more than many major cities

METHUEN — This community on the New Hampshire border may be smaller than 772 other American cities, but the salary of Police Chief Joseph Solomon is anything but small. His salary of $326,707 in 2019 made Solomon one of the highest-paid police chiefs in the nation, paid more than his counterparts in Boston, New York, Chicago, and many other major urban areas.

And, unlike them, Solomon doesn’t have to face a serious crime problem: Methuen had one murder last year.

Still, Solomon believes he is underpaid.

Re: Tiny Methuen pays its police chief more than many major cities

Dear "Truths":

While your posts (articles about general topics) may be "true," the connection to anything relevant to Melrose is hard to grasp. Sure, other police chiefs may be extremely "well" paid, maybe even excessively paid (probably), but that surely isn't the case in Melrose, where Chief Lyle is a decent caring man and dedicated servant of the citizens (unlike, sadly, most of the elected and paid officials with whom he has to work, most of whom do not understand that they are supposed to serve the citizens, and not the other way around!). The Melrose PD is certainly not perfect (as that stupid sign incident revealed only too sharply), but our police chief is a well-meaning head of a department that is chronically underpaid and disrespected by the city governance. One look at MPD facilities illustrates that point only too bleakly.

There are a lot of things you, "Truths," could be posting about matters that deserve our attention. Melrose as a community seems to have a very short attention span for the important issues, and even smaller ability to come together in a way that demonstrates critical thinking ability. As a whole, it behaves in a very ignorant "sheeple" sort of way, herding towards the feel-good community actions and shying away (or actively bullying those who don't) from the difficult conversations and actions.

These generalized articles and zen-like postings about philosophy are not connecting with readers the way you'd probably like them to, and instead just open the door for mockery, which isn't fair or nice but is a reflection of the general Mean-Girls(Guys) approach that too many in Melrose revel in.

So if you're trying to express something useful that could get important messages across, you might re-think your choice of articles to post, for starters.

Thanks for trying! No disrespect meant towards you. Good luck!

Re: Tiny Methuen pays its police chief more than many major cities

That's A LOT more polite than the "- - - does that have to do with Melrose?", that I was going to post. Thanks!

Re: Tiny Methuen pays its police chief more than many major cities

Georgia boy, 7, becomes state's youngest COVID-19 fatality

A 7-year-old Chatham County boy has become Georgia’s youngest coronavirus victim, according to the Coastal Health Department.

The African-American boy had no underlying conditions, according to a CHD spokesperson. A date of death was not immediately available; there is often a delay of several days and sometimes weeks from when a person dies to when that death is reported to the state and confirmed.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Hon Mayor Brodeur,

Do you think you former friend Zwirko should run for city council after so gracelessly leaving his post to run an ill-fated mayoral campaign? His recent Twitter activity seems to point to him thinking this is a good idea.

Do you think his numerous affairs with prominent local women should disqualify him? Or, in libertine Melrose, is being insufferable cad who openly cheats on his spouse a noble quality?

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Prominent local women? I didn't know we had any. Lately all I've seen is a bunch of Cambridge wannabes of no import whatsoever.

Re: As COVID-19 makes a comeback.

So Paul Brodeur how do we stop this corona-virus 19 and what else can we do?

Re: As COVID-19 makes a comeback.

Get out and vote and get rid of this buffoon quick.

Re: As COVID-19 makes a comeback.

YES! Biden has GOT to go! Agreed!

Re: As COVID-19 makes a comeback.

I see that you missed the word "buffoon" Hector. Maybe if it had said incompetent, vindictive, mentally unstable, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, traitorous, egomaniac buffoon, it would have been clearer to you that the reference was/is to tRump!

Re: As COVID-19 makes a comeback.

Best President I've seen in my lifetime. FOUR MORE YEARS!

Re: As COVID-19 makes a comeback.

Keep trying, you’ll get out of that straight-jacket yet, but hopefully not until Nov. 4th!

Re: As COVID-19 makes a comeback.

Maybe someday you can get your head out of the sand and see reality.

Re: As COVID-19 makes a comeback.

Good one!

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Joe Biden Is The "Leader of Lawlessness." He is just the puppet for the green new deal.

Re: As COVID-19 makes a comeback.

I thought you'd like that. have you knelt down yet for anyone?

Re: Ask the Mayor!

I thought by now the Trump haters would stop. They haters need to accept President Trump. This is not how we should be teacher our children. The American people are better than this so wake up and support this man and his family and stop your HATE.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Nobody:s forcing to read this string.Maybe time for you to go to bed to get a good night sleep.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Mr. Mayor,

Care to explain your vote to reject the recommendation of the superintendent of schools and the wishes of the 75% of parents who are willing to send their kids to school in person 10 days per month?

If we are going to be remote to start, will you agree to start instruction prior to 9/21 and/or return to a 180 day year?

What do you say to parents whose kids will have been without any meaningful schooling for six months come September?

If instruction is to be remote for the year, will you vote to cut the school budget and unneeded expenses (paras, specialists, materials, and custodians) to save money to rehire personnel for the 2021-22 school year when those positions will be needed?

Concerned Parent

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Like i said i think secretaries,teachers and administration should be let go also and brought back.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Hi Mayor, are sure you are letting lots of staff in all schools collect?

Re: Ask the Mayor!

I would think all schools will not need art,music,gym and so many subjects at this time is not needed you are correct.

Re:Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic and it is not gone.

Re: Re:Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic
Coronavirus Pandemic and it is not gone.
CONCORD, N.H. New Hampshire restaurants statewide can resume indoor dining at full capacity, Gov. Chris Sununu said Friday.

Re: Please No Excuses

So when are we going to have city council and school committee meeting open to the public in person?In city hall?Please no excuses.

Re: Please No Excuses

Yeah, there's certainly NO REASON why anyone should be avoiding getting together with other people, when not at all necessary!! (Well, maybe that pesky hoax virus, but that's so minor.)
C`mon, get with reality for heaven`s sake. It's not gone yet, but why do you think things are getting better? Because some of us aren't doing stupid stuff, like you suggest!

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Yes, the man made virus from this country to the next country. I know years back Fauci was order no more testing in the labs.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Your “name” is very apt.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Safety is the number one issue in every school Melrose .If the kid go back in November 2020 or Some time in 2021 school year.Time will tell.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Middle class school systems will never be top notch. Looking through these posts is comical. Where do you people think you live, Winchester? Lexington? Belmont? You live in MELROSE. Most of you are just upset because you moved here and overspent by 100 K on a two bed one bath. We don’t have the tax base or the revenue to ever thrive in the education system. Why do you think many Melrose residents send their kids to parochial or private schools. I’m not saying don’t make the effort to make the system better but realize that we are capped and be realistic. There are many other parts of our city budget that need money to, not every cent can go to the schools.

DPW needs money to make much-needed infrastructure changes. All three fire departments look like they are about to cave in and collapse. The police department is so undermanned it’s borderline dangerous. These are just three quick thoughts that come to mind when I hear people trying to over extend what we really are here in this city when it comes to education. Money needs to go elsewhere.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Coronavirus is a “serious threat to the people all.Just look at all that are home and not working.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Coronavirus is a “serious threat to the people all.Just look at all that are home and not working.
Christoper Cinella
69 Cranmore Lane
(617) 917-4248

Jack Eccles
99 Essex Street, #10
(781) 913-0188

Maya Jamaleddine
10 Melrose Street
(781) 462-1960

Leila Migliorelli
25 Dartmouth Road
(781) 462-1425

Ward Councilor
John N. Tramontozzi
Ward 1
794 Franklin Street
(781) 662-6175

Jeffrey McNaught
Ward 2
94 Clifford Street
(781) 620-0442

Robb Stewart
Ward 3
92 Trenton Street
(781) 521-4913

Mark Garipay
Ward 4
71 Mooreland Road
(781) 665-0988

Shawn MacMaster
Ward 5
35 Brazil Street
(781) 462-1875

Jen Grigoraitis
Ward 6
419 Lebanon Street
(781) 462-1288

Cory Thomas
Ward 7
19 Linwood Avenue
(617) 957-4227
City Council Melrose Massachusetts Phone Numbers And Address That Represent all of us.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

All of those people who you have listed probably already know that Covid-19 is a serious threat to all of us, so what exactly do you want us to contact them about? Do they know how to eliminate the threat, and will then tell us?

Re: Ask the Mayor!

This is called a scare tactic from you know WHO.

THE NEXT THING IS BIDEN; around September 25th it will be announced that Biden has been exposed to Covid19

and he quarantines for six weeks, missing all 3 debates. Then he is a hero cause he survived. Please wake

up people...VOTE TRUMP 2020

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Before you vote though, run right out and buy the new "Trump Smoke Detectors" for your homes! They stay silent, so you don't panic.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Hey Geezer,I ran out and bought the Joe Biden smoke detectors but I can't remember where I put them !!!

Re: Ask the Mayor!

How about all politicians lie. Biden wanted Warren for vice president, but Obama allegedly said, she was to white. Obama said, allegedly that Harris was just right. Was Harris lying when she said Biden is allegedly a racist and papist. Her answer is it was a debate...haaaaaahaaaaa media lets another one go by.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

Hey Mr. GreenJeans, that's a bit of a stretch, but a decent effort. Did you also forget about the 200,000?

Re: Ask the Mayor!

The smoke detector instead of saying Exit Fire, Screams Come on Man!!! Also the lights aren't very bright.How appropriate.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

But apparently at least warns you, instead of simply not caring that you die.

Re: Ask the Mayor!Respect the people

Are you saying you don't want more questions with one day period of time?Consider it closed.Do you prefer no Questions.So you will not communicate back to us if someone his a Question.So all you did was a good impression that you care and then if nobody had a question for a couple days you are done answering questions.You know very well that it is easier to ask questions than answer them.Give answer.Not surprised to see you walk away and consider it closed.Iam sure there:s a lot of questions about this disease were all fighting coronavirus 19 to live.This has an impact on every family in this community it is crisis her in Melrose.So ask the MAYOR is done answering questions. Appropriately means understanding the situation and working out what kind of response to give. In familiar settings this may be easy,but when you:re with people you don;t know so well; you may have to weigh things up quite quickly.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

You are insane if you thought for one minute the left mayor was looking at your post.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

That there is such a thing as right and wrong, and that political strength -- honest political strength -- must always appeal to what is RIGHT.”

Re: Ask the Mayor!

True partnership is all of us helping each other at this time.It is not easy being home everyday.Many people been followed from the jobs or layoffs. No one wins when you have no jobs are lost. This is about time it something that none of us been through .Yes employment checks don:t cut it.Life changes Go from working everday to no work.Not easy on anybody.

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