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Mail-In Ballots for Melrose in the Fall

Our Democrat Sec.of State Mr. Gavin is planning to give out mail-in ballots to anyone requesting them for the primaries and Presidential election in November. Now what could go wrong with this program? Of course they won't be able to validate many of them because they will tell us they are under-staff and over-worked by the number of ballots submitted - I expect that with our state population at about 7.5 million people - we will likely get about 8 million ballots returned. I have a crazy Democrat uncle who lives in CA who would love to vote here so I expect he will have his friends ask for a ballot - makes perfect sense - why should living in another state stop one from voting in another...especially since no one is checking. Thanks Sec. Gavin - you have found another way to corrupt the voting system!

Re: Mail-In Ballots for Melrose in the Fall

Do you always refer to him as your crazy Democrat uncle, or is the “Democrat” somehow germane or significant to your point of view?

Re: Mail-In Ballots for Melrose in the Fall

What's your point? I said Democrat Sec. Gavin because he is a Democrat - if he were a republican - I would say that! A little sensitive are you?