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Re: Melrose will be a city known as the left

Mayor needs to go
This is a disgrace to the city of Melrose if you was ready to sell your home do it now. The mayor is going to get worst and put this city into a shambolic state.
Bye Felicia.

Re: Melrose will be a city known as the left

I'm not particularly a Tucker Carlson fan - he's equally noxious as Howie Carr,Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, or Joy Reid - but he was certainly able to make a fool of our Mayor.
I believe this all started because some probably self-loathing, definitely virtue signaling lib had to call local news over a sign which said "The Safety of all lives matter", which really isn't/shouldn't be a racial or political point.
Just glad Carlson didn't go after Mike Lyle, who must be doing his retirement calculations ten times a day right now! He would be missed, but poseur Brodeur not so much.