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Encore North

Encore North
Their back
The so called Veterans post on Chipman ave is back (again). Managed by non-veterans and a Boston Fed court officer. Sit at the bar get pull tabs from the office or go to the back room for electronic poker machines. Health protocols be dammed.
Home much if any of the profits going to Veterans probably non and all being funded by ppp fund a total disgrace to the City.
These folks embarrass our city, endanger our health and divert fund from real Vets.

Re: Encore North

This is why we all have to be sure that Veterans charities are legit There are too many scam artists and one of the oldest tricks is to take over an established name and divert fund into their own pockets. The City should demand proof that the funds are going only to the organization and not some DBA. Whenever I donate I always check who cashed my check.