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Re: Ask the Mayor!Respect the people

Are you saying you don't want more questions with one day period of time?Consider it closed.Do you prefer no Questions.So you will not communicate back to us if someone his a Question.So all you did was a good impression that you care and then if nobody had a question for a couple days you are done answering questions.You know very well that it is easier to ask questions than answer them.Give answer.Not surprised to see you walk away and consider it closed.Iam sure there:s a lot of questions about this disease were all fighting coronavirus 19 to live.This has an impact on every family in this community it is crisis her in Melrose.So ask the MAYOR is done answering questions. Appropriately means understanding the situation and working out what kind of response to give. In familiar settings this may be easy,but when you:re with people you don;t know so well; you may have to weigh things up quite quickly.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

You are insane if you thought for one minute the left mayor was looking at your post.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

That there is such a thing as right and wrong, and that political strength -- honest political strength -- must always appeal to what is RIGHT.”

Re: Ask the Mayor!

True partnership is all of us helping each other at this time.It is not easy being home everyday.Many people been followed from the jobs or layoffs. No one wins when you have no jobs are lost. This is about time it something that none of us been through .Yes employment checks don:t cut it.Life changes Go from working everday to no work.Not easy on anybody.

Re: Ask the Mayor!

This is called a scare tactic from you know WHO.

THE NEXT THING IS BIDEN; around September 25th it will be announced that Biden has been exposed to Covid19

and he quarantines for six weeks, missing all 3 debates. Then he is a hero cause he survived. Please wake

up people...VOTE TRUMP 2020
This is painfully funny now with everything that happened. What complete and utter buffoons many of you are

Re: Ask the Mayor!

coronavirus is a “serious threat to the people of Melrose Mass 02176.