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Re: The lack of Transparency?

Accountability Melrose
Why the lack of transparency? No accountability.Lack of accountability in the workplace often stems from ineffective laedership practices and mindsets and politicians and the real facts of life.Maybe the truth. This is Melrose,
Fellow Citizens,
Ask me any question...we have a lot of time alone so I want to keep the lines of communication open with the People. I know this is a great source of information for many of Melrose, so ask and you shall be answered!

- Mayor

Re: The lack of Transparency?

Mr. Mayor -

It seems like there’s been high turnover in city government since you started with many good employees quitting and moving on. Is this a leadership problem? A management problem? Something else?

Also, why were the potholes so badly ignored this spring. Main Street from Pine Banks to Wyoming is a third world level street.

Just asking