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Re: Mayoral Race

Hear ye, hear ye
First order of business for the ultra left wing Melrose government will be changing the name of ninth grade students from freshmen to freshpeople.
Suck on that one Melrose.
Peculiar that the freshmen controversy hasn’t come up before. If alderman is offensive, then certainly freshman must be too. Thanks for bringing attention to that. Much more offensive than a feather on an M. My child will be a freshman some day. I would be offended if they didn’t change it now. But I do think freshkids would be a better word. They tend to be very fresh around that age. Can we also change upperclassman to upperclasspeople. Or would actual upper class people be offended? How about woman to womban. Makes sense. They do have wombs after all.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.
If something’s offensive, everything’s offensive.

Re: Mayoral Race

This mayoral race is between 3 Woman.

Re: Mayoral Race

This board has been largely silent for some time. All have been very quiet moms and dads people.