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Memorial Day

Just saw the event list for Memorial Day. Two of those events on the list happen every year along with the parade and two are dedication ceremonies. Which sounds like a one-time thing. Why get rid of the parade indefinitely? The parade while not a grand event at least gave the entire community the opportunity to come together, as a community, and show support for our veterans and remember the fallen. People of all ages from infants to great-grandparents. How many are going to go to “dedication” ceremonies confined to one spot. I don’t believe that this is the way our service men and women would rather be honored. I’ve been at the majority of the parades for the last 40 years and brought my children to Main st to enjoy them. And they did. They also loved walking in them occasionally with various organizations. It also initiated discussion about why we celebrate Memorial Day and to appreciate the sacrifice of these men and women. To not think it’s just the unofficial start of summer and a day to bbq.

I don’t believe this is the way veterans wish to remember their fallen peers. The look on their faces while riding in the parade and seeing the people waving, especially children, was priceless.

I ask Melrose to rethink doing away with the parade. I see people get excited about new traditions which almost always involve “family friendly” drinking events such as beer gardens. How about we keep some of the past alive as well. We keep some family traditions for those of us who have been here for decades and look forward to enjoying what we always had with a new generation of grandchildren. Who don’t partake in events centered around alcohol. Why can’t we have both?

Especially at this time in history. The world is becoming so egocentric. No one appreciates sacrifice. We need to make sure our young generation understands. We need to give them real traditions to hold onto.