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Heavenly Licks Closing ?

Rumors are circulating that Heavenly Licks problems ( neighborhood antics) this season may be the last straw in keeping this business running. It would be a shame.. Admit though that I never go there anymore. With the decline of this neighborhood, I do not feel safe walking there. I also don't want to look at that Vaping Store nonsense.

Re: Heavenly Licks Closing ?

Oh give me a break! Don't feel safe walking there!? exaggerate much? Don't get me wrong, its by far the worst neighborhood in Melorse, but it would be the best neighborhood in chelsea, Everett Etc. Yes, that area has taken a hit with all the low income and section 8, but still, spare me the antics.

Re: Heavenly Licks Closing ?

Offer Gail Infurna, Morty and the rest of the Insiders Club a free sundae and they'll be down there picketing to save Heavenly Licks in the spirit of Artie T. or Pat Guerriero having an extramarital affair with another married (male) employee as Mayor.

Re: Heavenly Licks Closing ?

You are not as anonymous as you think. The first step in a defamation lawsuit would be the judge finding your identify by subpoenaing the web host for your IP address.

It would be wise to only make statements here that you would feel comfortable signing your name to. Or as a matter of basic humanity, you shouldn't say anything anonymously here that you wouldn't say in person to those mentioned in your post.

Or a middle schooler with basic hacker skills could find your identity.