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School Committee gives Taymore $40,000 for Pay Staff Pay Raises

Can you believe this! The school committee (only no vote was CK) voted to give Superintendent Taymore $40,000 to give her non-union senior staff. This was a blanket, no requirement, no justification, gift to her staff! Wow Melrose, you must be rolling in generous! Wish I worked for you!

This is kind of startling given the fact that we desperately need more computers, software upgrades, etc. but have no money for them.

Taymore didn't even have to tell the SC who she was giving raises to and how much. about power of the purse....guess no admin staff member will cross her anytime soon.

Next person up to the pay trough...Ms. Taymore...since she did such a great job on the negotiation team which finalized the teacher/union contract, giving them a 23-25% pay increase over 3 years, then with this $40,000 pay raise for her senior staff, she certainly deserves a big pay raise herself since this all took a great amount of her time and energy! The fact that she has be a "ghost" around Melrose means nothing to this SC.

Enjoy the rest of the summer folks, until the bill comes due on all these excesses!