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MHS doesn't even rank now it's so low

Mystic Valley #6
Malden is #51
Revere is #60

Melrose is a big fat zero.

Gee, that new guitar class or AP Bio for freshmen really panned out! Excellence my ar$e! Bunch of frauds running this place now.

Re: MHS doesn't even rank now it's so low

At least we are doing better than the vocational schools! Great job Taymore and Co!

Re: MHS doesn\'t even rank now it\'s so low we went from being in the top 50 in Massachusetts to not even making the top 75? I am not surprised. Why doesn't the district start asking parents what their opinion is of the high school? The majority of high school parents I meet are not satisfied with the quality of the education their kids are getting, the lack of communication and information coming from the high school, the lack of professionalism and behavior of the staff.

Public opinion can print all the PR pieces you want on the Mayor's blog or in the Free Press, but at the end of the day, people get their information about the public schools from their neighbors and friends. And I can't in good conscience recommend MHS to my neighbors with younger children, when my son can't even get his papers corrected and returned by the lazy high school teachers (even in the honors classes).

Re: MHS doesn\\\'t even rank now it\\\'s so low

Even Lynn Classical is #63! This is unacceptable!

Re: MHS doesn\\\\\\\'t even rank now it\\\\\\\'s so

Yeah, and you can hear the mayor state right out there (incredibly unwise thing even for Him to do) that he recommends a new three-year contract. Watch him vote for a big salary increase in two weeks, as his next wrong move. Venal fools who don\'t care about anything except themselves.

School Comm. July 22nd 2014 Part 1 on Vimeo

Re: MHS doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t even rank now it\

Bottom line is no one cares. Now who does MHS open with in football?

Re: MHS doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

As the Mayor likes to say, "Follow me lemmings!"

Re: MHS doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Bottom line is no one cares. Now who does MHS open with in football?

No one EXCEPT Mrs. CKK, who has taken the time in every issue to outline the facts and areas in need of improvement, along with concrete suggestions for how to do this. As in everything else, the rest of them feel it is their sole mission to oppose her, rather than to consider each thing on its merit.

Listening to the discussion about the elimination of Class Rank, once again, it was only Mrs. K who spoke passionately and coherently. The No votes from some of the others (Casatelli) along with the ignorant statements show who's taken the time to understand the high school issues and who hasn't. Those blathering about this Tuesday night are some of the same members who've opposed making this change ever since Dr. Burke first brought it forward (and yes, some of us remember those things because they mattered then and matter now). Of course back then we had Golini protesting a change, as if she was any expert on anything pertaining to academics. But the committee as a whole voted against the change, citing thin air (as usual) for their "facts," even when then-guidance chair (Maura Quinn) made an articulate plea with a clear rationale that included facts about the top-performing districts who'd already made this positive change for their students. Tuesday night the blowhard DC stated, "Well if it's good enough for Lexington, and we all know how competitive Lexington is (hrawchucklechuckle), then it should be good enough for Melrose High...." Lots of garbage from CC, with the one reasonable thing asking why the students weren't polled about this. As usual, most of those members talk because they like to hear themselves orate rather than that they have anything worth saying. And when it comes to the important votes, they'll opt for wrapping themselves around the flag and votes for "Exemplary" even when it's about deeply deficient conduct and results. Good word from a previous poster: frauds.