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Re: Melrose has higher percentage of students in Advanced and Proficient than Mystic Valley

My tax dollars pay for it, therefore I care. Oddly, I might feel better if the school performed better, but my dollars go there and the Melrose district still outperforms the MV Charter school on the MCAS.
What a bullheaded fool you are! Do you really think you help the Melrose schools by posting falsehoods as truths?

Who is your intended audience? You insult them by thinking if you state the lie enough times they will believe you. You tell quite a bit about yourself by doing so.

Mystic Valley outperforms Melrose 92 to 84 on the 10th grade math MCAS and 99 to 97 on the 10th grade english. Most would say they are equivalent in english but that Mystic Valley does somewhat better in math. After ten years of school, it's a shame that sixteen percent of Melrose students haven't been taught what they are supposed to know.

The 10th grade is the only one that counts. That's the one kids have to pass to graduate. It matters the sum of what a child learns, not that he was doing better part way through. Melrose should do better teaching math in middle school. Looks like that's where it all falls apart.

Re: Melrose has higher percentage of students in Advanced and Proficient than Mystic Valley

First they choose to attack the comparison, now they want to cherry pick the results. Too funny.
First, your theory of the 10th grade being the "sum of what a child" learns does not hold water. That would only apply if you were looking at the exact same kids over the course of their education. That is not the case for any school, particularly the charter school which has very high attrition rate as compared to the districts that send kids there. (A deeper analysis would show that their special ed kids leave at an alarming rate, which skews their high school results up).
Second, if you have toddler and are looking at applying for the charter school lottery, it may matter to you that the Melrose district vastly outperforms the MV charter school at the elementary levels.
I'm happy to drop this; but I now find it amazing that people cannot accept the straight forward comparison of the two schools. It also does lead one to ask the question as to why are Melrose taxpayers funding a charter school that is under performing the district?

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