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Re: Yes to the override! Pay our teachers more!

Pay our teachers!
So the average teacher salary is $53,569 before the huge raise. So now that they have gotten their massive 26% raise, the average teacher salary will be listed on the DOE website as $67,497, right? Which is still $10k less than Newton. But as for this massive raise, I will believe it when I see it on the website. Til then, I am advocating for greater teacher pay.

They work 180 days a year and still make more than our Fire fighters and Police Officers. Does that sound fair to you?
Also why are you comparing Melrose to Newton? Newton has money coming out of its ears, we are no where near that wealthy.

Re: Yes to the override! Pay our teachers more!

As the saying can't change dumb!

Re: Yes to the override! Pay our teachers more!

I think the saying is "You can't fix stupid.", but I take your point.

Re: Yes to the override! Pay our teachers more!

I have been teaching for almost thirty years. Most of my friends are teachers, I mentor many new teachers, I am involved with hiring in my district, and I love teaching. I have the best job in the world for me. I am paid well for work that brings me great satisfaction. I won't get into the argument about teachers "having their summers off" (I know only a handful of teachers who can really "take the summer off", and go back in the fall prepared). I don't mind working in the summer. I do it to be a better teacher. I know many, many teachers who do the same.
Here is the thing: the money doesn't keep me where I am. I can tell you with no hesitation that I know of no teacher who stays where they are because of the money. What keeps a teacher is the environment in which they teach. The administration, the colleagues, the families, the children. Over the years, I have seen contract negotiations that don't go well, several years of no pay increases. A loss of a great healthcare plan, and the loss of excess personal days. These things never made me try to leave for more money, and the opportunities did present themselves. I wouldn't leave a place that values education, consistently trying to improve, and involves families. I wouldn't leave my students for money. Sure, if you were getting paid below the poverty level, no working conditions could make up for that. But, that is not the situation in Melrose. If you think the teachers are leaving for more money, you are crazy. I know several teachers in Melrose, looking to leave, and it has nothing to do with the pay. It has to do with a toxic work environment created by the people in charge. If you want to keep your best, you need to change your worst.

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