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MPS stuck with Asst Super who didn't get Tewks job

And this is the person CT "chose" (again) to be civil rights/harassment officer (because obviously she did such an excellent job all these years and made sure our district always followed the law!) after the administration was found to have grossly violated the laws. Insane! What on earth is it going to take before these people are removed???!!!! This just makes no sense! In any other job these people would be long gone!

White-Lambright not chosen for Tewksbury superintendent job

By Al Gentile

Posted Jan. 22, 2016 at 8:58 AM



White-Lambright was interviewed the same night the Tewksbury school committee voted to hire Malone. In her opening statement, White-Lambright made clear a focused plan was a large part of her strategy.

“I was in charge of keeping the district’s strategic plan vibrant,” White-Lambright said. “The plan helped to be a vehicle for continuing the good work that we had done, and was an opportunity to welcome new members to our team.”

Committee member Francis asked about White-Lambright’s experience with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). Tewksbury High School was built in 2012 with support from the MSBA, and the town was rejected consideration by the authority for their four elementary schools in 2014.

“I have not had extensive experience in doing that,” White-Lambright said. “I do know what it’s like to go through construction, and the challenge we had is while doing all that structural work, you can’t stop.”

Committee member Brian Dick asked White-Lambright about strategic planning and how it factored into her leadership approach.

“It focuses the work that you’re doing,” White-Lambright said. “Our time is precious, and we need to focus. If we all have similar focus, and we’re putting our energies in the same way, the strategic plan can be helpful.”

After the interview, committee member Jayne Miller pointed out White-Lambright’s professed ability to make hard choices, especially in terms of budget.

“She knows how to say no,” Miller said.

Re: MPS stuck with Asst Super who didn't get Tewks job

This woman is a disaster for our school system! Now the problem is - the word is out about her - now we will never get rid of her. Also, once Taymore decides to retire, White-Lambright will likely be selected to replace her by this incompetent school committee. Talk about a downer!

Re: MPS stuck with Asst Super who didn't get Tewks job

There is no reason why they would have to renew her contract. This is not a union protected position. Although, since the superintendent renews contracts of principals who get caught filing false police reports against complainants, who knows??

Re: MPS stuck with Asst Super who didn't get Tewks job

No way that Taymore fires White-Lambright - first - they are friends and second, there is a special "club" at that level - no one speaks ill of each other or tells others of incompetency among club members. They all know that once they retire - there is more money to be made by consulting. Corruption at the highest level.