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SchoolSpring MVMMS 2 Science Teachers,30

Wondering if this is connected to some sort of deal worked out with the 2 middle school science/tech teachers each of whom were "investigated" (yeah, right!) after charges of "inappropriate" (as in physically inappropriate/assaultive) conduct towards students (both African American) this past month, whereby they could return until the end of year as long as they agreed to leave afterwards. This is the kind of ploy that has become typical so that the administration can save face and not admit its own catastrophic and global mismanagement.[:|]

Re: SchoolSpring MVMMS 2 Science Teachers

The Schools have blown $ in every way possible enabled by the SC, BOA and City officials. STOP! There is an interesting new thread regarding the neglect of other city departments (particularly fire and police) because of school failures. Time to invest in other departments until the schools get their act together.