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SC Negotiating Contracts

Melrose School Committee, Regular Meeting, 9/13/2016 7:00 PM
Aldermanic Chamber, City Hall, 1st Floor, 562 Main Street

9. Executive Session - 8:20 PM
1. To approve executive session minutes of July 26, 2016
2. To conduct strategy sessions with regards to collective bargaining with the Secretaries Union (15 minutes)
3. To conduct strategy session in preparation for negotiations with the Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel Services (5 minutes)

Here we go again. Predictably this unethical bunch will renew and give a raise to the administrator who was condemned in the OCR Findings for having run a cooked "investigation" among many other things (like many years of civil rights violations for special needs students).

It's only a few years ago that Melrose didn't even have one assistant superintendent. Since PWL was promoted (by an illegal process) by JC and the SC, the district has two, with large, six-figure salaries, for individuals who have botched up so much and with zero accountability or oversight from the school committee that is their employer.

Re: SC Negotiating Contracts

so gross

MF is really good at hiding in that 2nd floor closet when there's trouble. Now the SC keeps her hidden in the "audience" during SC meetings so that they can claim she can't answer any questions. Not that the previous pinhead jerk could or would answer the questions he was overpaid to answer, but now they've gone a step farther away from their pretense at any kind of transparency. A$$hats all!

Re: SC Negotiating Contracts

Since Dolan leaves the chambers during public participation period, why can't Farrell can leave the chambers during the finance committee portion of SC meetings?

Re: SC Negotiating Contracts

Farrell isn't there even when she is. There's nobody home.

Re: SC Negotiating Contracts

Role model..not
Since Dolan leaves the chambers during public participation period, why can't Farrell can leave the chambers during the finance committee portion of SC meetings?

"Kidneys" Dolan always leaves the chamber and heads for the proverbial chamber pot whenever there is something controversial or something he wants the others to wear and not be implicated (even if he fully is).

Carmen SanDiego Farrell is never to be found when there is anything "hard."

Re: SC Negotiating Contracts

Can any individual think of a Real-World, Business/Private Sector situation where you'd do the kinds of awful things CT has done, have the kinds of public exposure for her atrocities against children and staff, and be rewarded with "proficient overall"? Can anyone outside of the Parallel Universe calling itself the MPS think of a Real-World situation where someone like MF could fail as much as she obviously did and be rewarded with a $134K lateral shift to a position for which she was even less qualified than the one she just botched entirely? Can anyone explain where and why someone like PWL would still be employed after her many documented failures and the subsequent cost to taxpayers? If "Kick a Ginger Day" with 12 students being assaulted in a hate crime situation happened anyplace else, do you think the principal in charge would still be employed, let alone being groomed to succeed the glowing successes of CT? Are they all just basically Proficient Overall, so Hakuna Mata, No Worries?

And how about those newly approved administrative increases? Do you really believe the sad tale of woe from RD and MEF about the "budget crisis"? Do you believe in aliens and UFOs, too?

Taking Tokes is obviously back in business after a shift in focus (to the new gig with MASC) for the Crazy Angels in the Head:

"The Committee approved funds for non-union personnel salary increases. * Ms. Farrell will facilitate a working group to review the current district rental agreement and recommend changes with respect to contract terms, pricing, etc. * Financials for summer programs were reviewed, with programs generally self-supporting. * A revised Field Trip Policy was approved with Supt. Taymore indicating that she plans to update the Field Trip Approval Form. * Supt. Taymore’s FY16 evaluation was presented, with the Committee finding her work Proficient overall."

Re: SC Negotiating Contracts

Have you not been paying attention? CT and the SC are all puppets for dough boy. Having his solicitor hand pick the atty that is to work in central administration insures he knows and runs everything. If anything it humiliates CT and eucerps CT's authority.