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Warehouding middle schoolers

Per Brent Conway, MVMMS principal, effective the third trimester the middle school will start sending up to 3 classes to the cafeteria if more than one teacher is absent. Same thing as in MHS. Warehousing our kids. No chrome books or videos will be available. Just attendance and paper work, no teaching. As the sub pay is beneath the minimum wage, this is the new plan. MPS doesn't give s $hit about our kids cheap ba$tards

Re: Warehouding middle schoolers

Warehousing the students is the School Committee's and superintendent's answer to saving money and demonstrates how little any of them actually care about their responsibility to the students and to the community which they are supposed to serve. The young man they have hired to babysit the students in the cafeteria (because in truth that is all he is going to be doing) will be getting rock-bottom pay and is himself just out of his undergrad program. He's a nice young man, but he is not a fully qualified educator, as our tax dollars are supposed to guarantee for teaching the students. This is just another in the long string of disgraceful choices this school committee/mayor and administration continue to make.

Re: Warehouding middle schoolers

Rob Dolans children go to one of the schools that will be warehouding. Where will he put his children when this is to take place? He maybe won't be mayor at this time.