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Potty-mouthed Superintendent at it again

Oops, she did it again. Our potty mouthed Superintendent started the March 14th fake public budget discussionS by snapping "this mic is too ****ed close!" What a great way to great way to greet the taxpayers, though 99% of parents were just sitting down to eat dinner with their families after a long commute home and couldn't possibly make a 6PM start. Yet another attempt by Mayor Dolan, the Superintendent and the SC chair to purposefully obstruct public participation: Thanks Margaret Driscoll! (I heard that even the angels couldn't make it on time for the 6 PM start!).[:-|]

Re: Potty-mouthed Superintendent at it again

Thinking before you speak or do something. It's about knowing that every day, the choices we make can and will affect our lives. It's about being accountable for our choices in life. We have the right to make our decisions every day, and every day is a new day. But will the school committee make good decisions and the superintendent Cyndy Taymore?Lesson to be learned: Change the school superintendent . short of this nothing changes.

Re: Potty-mouthed Superintendent at it again

Taymore is a witch with no class. Thank God my kids go to the Charter School.

Re: Potty-mouthed Superintendent at it again

No people you are the stupid ones to let this continue and have our city look bad.