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Patricia Wright Services

Hello all, I just want to thank you all again on behalf of Becky and our family for your support and thoughtful words. We are truly touched. Patty's services will be held in Mansfield on Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5 at Sherman and Jackson Funeral home. I will provide the link to her obituary here as soon as it is available and it will be in the Boston Globe as well.
Thank you,..

Re: Patricia Wright Services

Thank you Ted Kenney.

Re: Patricia Wright Services

Thank you for the information, Ed. Your sister was a great supporter of the Mt. Hood Park Association and I worked with her on some city issues over the years. She was an extraordinary woman who never refused to help you in time of need - very compassionate - very giving human being. I was so sadden to hear of her passing!

Re: Patricia Wright Services

Thank you brother! She will be missed, you and your family are in our prayers.[Pray][Pray][Pray]

Re: Patricia Wright Services

Hi Ed,
I am so sorry for your family's loss. Although Patty and I haven't been in touch for several years, I often speak about how she helped me during a difficult time. I have used her as an example of how we women need to help each other when I've spoken in different forums. She took me under her wing and taught me how to do titles and employed me an several capacities over those years. Her daughter and mine were best friends for many years through school and I consider Becca one of my own and always will. Patty was always so good to my daughter and was like another mother to her as well. Please know that your family is in our prayers and keep solace in the knowledge your sister touched many lives for the better.

Re: Patricia Wright Services

I wish for nothing more
Than just one more day,
For I would give it all,
Just to hear her say.

It's funny how
In life it seems
You take for granted
The most important things.

To feel her close,
And be safe again,
Safe from my own self,
Back with my best friend.

Yes, she was the best,
And at other times the only,
My Friend, you left me here,
And now my heart is lonely.

If you could just come back,
If only for one day,
I'd make sure that I'd listen
To all you had to say.

And now that it's too late,
You cannot speak anymore.
I finally realized,
I should have heard you before.

And if I could do it over,
I'd only change one thing,
I'd tell you that I love you,
And how much joy to me you bring.

No one will ever know
Quite how I feel inside,
And on that day you left,
You weren't the only one who died.

You have always been there, Mom,
And you loved me 'til the end,
So with all my heart and soul,
I love you too, My Friend.