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Principal Abilities

The Hoover School incident last week has ripped off the scab exposing the incompetence of the MPS Administrators and the MSC. I feel sorry for the MPD and the students who witnessed and internalized a scary situation. I feel sad for the Grandfather and his family who are now at the center of a political debate which mirrors fractured communities all over this country. The question which needs to be answered by the Hoover Principal, Cyndy Taymore and the Melrose School Commitee is WHY were students dismissed while the MPD were still sorting things out? If a 911 call was made, then the students NEVER should have been allowed out of the building with the police still on the scene.

The Hoover Principal is interim and had no prior experience as a School Head. She was sent from Lincoln when Corduck was sent to replace the former Lincoln Principal who was fired after 2 years of her 3 year contract. It is important to remember that the turnover in Principals at Lincoln and across the District has been excessive since Taymore's tenure. The District hired someone who had no experience as a Permanent Principal. The revolving door of Principals come, go and are let go from the MPS. This speaks volumes about the leadership in the MPS and on the MSC. Dolan, Driscoll and company covered up for Taymore and her staff before and it looks like Infurna will continue the same behavior. I hope that the 3 newly elected SC members will show some guts and demand that a new era has arrived. I feel sorry for them, too. They were saddled with Infurna, Taymore's new 3 year contract and a pass the buck political spin machine. What needs to be admitted is the mistake of allowing children to be dismissed after a 911 call was placed and while the "situation" was ongoing. 70 year old Taymore :rage: should retire and Infurna needs to stop playing both ends in the middle.

Re: Principal Abilities

Don't expect Gail to do anything. She has been a proud and vocal supporter of Taymore for years.