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Is a savage.

If Gerry mroz does not get selected to represent ward 5 it just shows you the City doesn't want to truly improve our standing. He is engaged and very knowledgeable. He has guts and is not afraid to have a different opinion. I was so impressed with his presentation to the aldermen about his problem solving skills. This guy is a beast and will be gold for the city for saving money and making us safer. Vote Mroz!!!

Re: Is a savage.

He is a know-it-all who isn't nearly as smart as he wants to present himself. He is the classic twist "facts" to fit his narrative type of person.

At least 2 others going for the Ward 5 position are better qualified based on civic engagement alone (they actually do it in a meaningful way and aren't just grenade tossers like Mroz), let alone knowledge of issues.

Anyone supporting Mroz over the other more qualified candidates would be doing so based on political orientation alone, not qualifications.

Re: Is a savage.

Mroz = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Stay away.