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School Overcrowding

This is what I don't understand: With so many families and children moving into Melrose, there is no room in the schools for these children. So, what do they do? Overcrowd the Lincoln and Roosevelt one year. Build extended classrooms at some of the schools the next year. This year they are placing the children at the Franklin. What will they do next year?

Melrose keeps building apartments and condos, so we will ALWAYS be getting more children into the school system. I laugh at the idiots in City Hall and School Committee because they are clueless. Because of the building of these condos and apartments, and because of the increase in children, we are now struggling to fund these schools. Don't you see, this is a vicious cycle. Why continue to build if we have no room for these children? They are their worst enemies, and they are creating this problem.

I say NO to an override. Not to be dramatic, but we live paycheck to paycheck. Some nights we have peanut butter sandwiches for dinner. I'm sure we are not alone in this struggle. Maybe all the folks that want the override can voluntarily submit money to the city. They clearly have the money. I don't.

Re: School Overcrowding

I just read the post from "Just Wondering" (JW). Excellent analysis on a critical issue. I support everything that JW has written. I would also add to JW's comments that an Override will not accomplish what its supporters propose. To believe their arguments is foolish. Realistically, history has taught us that any money derived from an Override will go to salaries and benefits for school department employees, including the School Superintendent, who already makes a grossly excessive and undeserving salary for a poor job. C. T. has been responsible for dummying down the Melrose school system. Yes, Superintendents in other cities may make a comparable salary, but their communities are not struggling like Melrose, whose schools are struggling to keep afloat. An Override will not benefit Melrose schools or its students, only self-serving school employees such as C. T.

Re: School Overcrowding

Jealousy is not a pretty color, people. #Be Best!