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Middle School Bullying

There's a heartbreaking story in the news about a 12 year old girl in NJ. Mallory and her parents begged school officials many times to discipline classmates bullying her. They didn't. They told them not to file a formal complaint. They said it would only cause her more humiliation. She killed herself later that day. It's now a lawsuit.

The location of this tragedy could have been Melrose's middle school instead. The school committee needs to make sure it isn't. Put the superintendent and all principals on the record at the next meeting about what they do in bullying situations. Don't delay until fall. Get them under oath now and ask them how many times have they told a child here to ignore the bullying? How many times have they told parents not to file a formal complaint? Someone in charge has to do something to make sure there is no tragedy here. My daughter is finally free from the middle school. It was miserable.

Re: Middle School Bullying

Bullies need to be STOOD UP TO!! ...Not appeased...My Children have been bullied and were taught at a young age (like I was by Amazing Parents) someone picks on you (or Your REAL Friends) you look them in the eye and find out quickly what cowards Real Bullies are!! Involving adults, medication etc does not teach or reinforce coping skills. Life is Hard, Parent your’s not the school’s job, it’s yours...this why we’re raising an entire generation that can’t handle life as we know it!! Talk to your Children, Hug your Children and teach them to stick up for themselves and their friends!! The NJ story is tragic and sad and my thoughts go out to that heartbroken family and to Mallory...may she RIP.