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Melrose Needs a Cleansing Flush, Not an Override

Melrose needs a cleansing flush.

No Override.

No MZ or Sam H and most of the current officials, starting with the entire school committee NEED TO BE VOTED OUT. They have failed over and over again. They are as corrupt (and incompetent) as the departed but still in charge mayor.

For a well-heeled community like Melrose, where so many have so much, there really is no excuse for the rampant ignorance and support of abusive officials who have proven over and over again what they really represent. But then so many seem to think that these dressed-up bullies are not only acceptable but actually good. Here in Melrose college-educated voters rally around bullying lying menaces like Driscoll, McAndrew, Wright, Dellarusso, Mortimer, for starters....

Sure, let's throw some more "pot(s) of money" (true SC lingo for their annual secret Administrative Raise Fest that the SC throws for itself when everyone is at the beach) at an administration that actually REWARDS a superintendent who didn't fire the 8th-grade teacher who told her only black student to "go back to the plantation," along with a host of other state and federal crimes. This school administration could literally shoot someone, to use a horrible metaphor, and still be rewarded by the school committee, the BOA, and the throngs of willfully gullible parents.

Too many here need their fairy tales of Make Melrose Great Again. These nicely dressed irresponsible Melrosians (Yes, Kate, you are at the head of this line) not only prefer the lies, they are openly dealing them, and the gullible young parents are eagerly shooting up. The falsehoods are easily countered with truth (Mr. Mroz presents the truth every week faithfully despite the open abuse by officials), but the huckster officials just keep hawking their silly charts to the willfully stupid public. Patrick holds up for the camera, for the BOA and SC in front of him, and for the incredibly dumb public "audience" his insulting little pie charts and points his slimy fingers accusingly at all who might dare to doubt his "strictly legal) (NOT) fabrications. How on earth does this man not get fired summarily??? He is so obviously as big a liar as DT, and every bit as slimy besides.

Well, just keep lapping it up, Melrose parents and dumb voters. This is apparently all Melrose deserves. Time to make a red cap just for your special brand of idiocy.

Re: Melrose Needs a Cleansing Flush, Not an Override

AGREED and extremely well stated!!