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Re: Monica For the People

The "yes" crowd's mantra' it's for the kids is absurd. Every dollar that The school committee and MPS administration wastes thousands of dollars per budget year on public relations firms, (about $1000 a month), on outside and now inside counsel battling parents whose children's IEPs and educational needs go unmet or children whose civil rights have been denied, legal costs defending public records law violations and open meeting law/free speech laws and on and on. They also spent untold thousands meeting the requirements of the Office of Civil Rights Resolution Agreement which, among other requirements, mandated a series of civil rights training sessions by outside consultants for all district staff. The OCR Resolution Agreement ends in December 2018 if OCR finds that the district has met all of the requirements laid out in the Resolution Agreement.

So I say to the "yes" crowd, follow Monica's prudent lead and lets examine the District's past and current spending like any prudent organization, city or voter would do first before throwing more money at a problem.