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IP addresses of those trolling were reported and banned

Recently there was a fake post from someone claiming to be an administrator, supposedly banning IP addresses of the offensive trolls who were trying to flood this message board. This fake administrator was banned, as were the IP addresses of the others trolling the board, along with the vile messages.

These kinds of posts will not be tolerated.

This message board is offered and paid for by private citizens as a service to the community.

Thank you to those who alerted us to those trying to damage this forum.

Re: IP addresses of those trolling were reported and banned

FYI Here is a sampling of the banned IP addresses of the trolls who attacked this message forum.

These are just a few of the unclever handles of these gross, time-wasters.
"Morbidly Amused Chemist"
"Outraged Resident"

Feel free to report to any and all of the IP Address Abuse sites!
(Note: These IP addresses above have already been reported to some of the international registries of abusive IP addresses and face the possibility of severe consequences, especially as some of them are associated with reported porn sites on alert lists easily findable and being noted by authorities.)

Note to those who think that attacking this message board via cloaked VPNs, etc. is fun: If you are foolish enough to believe you are "safe" from observation and possibly even prosecution, think again. Parents: if you have students who are engaging in this kind of activity, beware that your family could find itself confronted by authorities who have been watching and capturing your family internet activity, making you liable.