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The Truth Really Is Stranger Than Fiction

Over the past few days there have been a flood of posts by obvious trolls. They were reported to the admins.

Earlier today, posts appeared attributed to the admins saying that the IPs of those trolls had been blocked.

After emailing the admins to thank them for their response, I received a reply that those posts were NOT sent by the admins, and that they were fake.

There's really only one reason to troll this site, and it's pretty clear, at least to me, what the intent is and who is responsible.

Thank you, admins, for your prompt response and action. This site is a valuable resource, and needs to be protected from this kind of despicable behavior.

Re: The Truth Really Is Stranger Than Fiction

Fake News Quotes

" Alternative facts and fake news are just other names for propaganda.

" In this era of fake news and paid news artificial intelligence is more and more used as a political tool
to manipulate and dictate common people.

" The truth belongs to the experience, not the attempt of third parties to interpret a story, without the
exact incidents, but only one or a few facts.

" Society is competitive and some feel inferior and are jealous of others. This motivates them to believe
and they spread lies.

" I just trust my intuition taking into account the psychology of things. Therefore, I am not persuaded by
facts, but by behaviors.

" The eighth deadly sin is lies that harm.

" The "Fake News" of, let's say, a Democrat, are usually not the "Fake News" of a Republican.

" Everything is subjective.

" Don't trust anything, motivations vary.

Re: The Truth Really Is Stranger Than Fiction

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