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Johnson Amendment Repealed

I believe President Trump repealed the Lyndon Johnson Amendment by Executive order that prevented tax-exempt 501C3 organizations, including churches, from endorsing issues or candidates. It was a campaign promise to the right wing of the party.

Re: Johnson Amendment Repealed

He didn't. What he did was direct the treasury department not to prosecute cases of implied endorsement, which seems to be a pretty non-existent ocxurance anyway. President can't repeal a law by executive order.

Re: Johnson Amendment Repealed

THE TRUTHSAYER is a real piece of work. Never forget this doozy:

Wake up guys. If you oppose it and an override passes, who will pay for it ? Mostly wage earners whom are mostly male. They will be the ones to pick up the tab. If you believe it's worthwhile and can afford to pay for it for years to come out of your income, vote Yes.