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Time to vote

Just vote tomorrow so glad this override is over.. melrose is broken because of it.. cast you ballots and end the garbage.. this is the true colors of Melrose?

Hence why we have voting!!!

Re: Time to vote

I thought hate had no home here?

Re: Time to vote

It’s sad. I have two kids and at this point I don’t care about the vote. Pass it and can I afford it no.. don’t pass it and what more hate for another override.. what happened to middle ground. I respect facts and info. I believe we do not need this override and it might be better with an elected mayor simply because I noticed a massive distrust in town so maybe with a mayor elected by the people we might get less mistrust. But I respect people who did their research and have a different opinion.. I was a fence sitter most of the campaign. I lean towards no because per pupil spending increases does not mean anything.. it’s been disproven a million times. I’ll be at work tomorrow hoping the town heals itself.. good luck everyone!