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Re: Which staff is/are leaving?

Need to Know
Can anyone tell me which staff are leaving the HS? The thread title/topic is Staff Leaving HS, so that is why I opened it. The last ones mentioned are from 2016. Everything else in this thread is random non-related stuff.

So, back to the question, can anyone tell me who is leaving?
This is what happens when the public sits silent.

Re: Which staff is/are leaving?

You sound like tRump, never answer the question asked!

Re: Which staff is/are leaving?

You are wrong.

Re: More Staff Leaving the High School?????

Safety is the number one issue in every school Melrose .

Re: More Staff Leaving the High School?????

Safety is the number one issue in every school Melrose .If the kid go back in November 2020 or Some time in 2021 school year.Time will tell.

Re: More Staff Leaving the High School?????

Middle class school systems will never be top notch. Looking through these posts is comical. Where do you people think you live, Winchester? Lexington? Belmont? You live in MELROSE. Most of you are just upset because you moved here and overspent by 100 K on a two bed one bath. We don’t have the tax base or the revenue to ever thrive in the education system. Why do you think many Melrose residents send their kids to parochial or private schools. I’m not saying don’t make the effort to make the system better but realize that we are capped and be realistic. There are many other parts of our city budget that need money to, not every cent can go to the schools.

DPW needs money to make much-needed infrastructure changes. All three fire departments look like they are about to cave in and collapse. The police department is so undermanned it’s borderline dangerous. These are just three quick thoughts that come to mind when I hear people trying to over extend what we really are here in this city when it comes to education. Money needs to go elsewhere.

Re: More Coronavirus pandemic

MELROSE — Next week is a big one for the city’s educators, students, parents and other caregivers as the 2020-21 academic year begins amid the on-going coronavirus pandemic.


Lizbeth DeSelm

ADDRESS: 33A South Street
PHONE: 857-544-4923

Mayor Paul Brodeur

PHONE: 781-979-4440

Margaret Raymond Driscoll
Margaret Raymond Driscoll, Vice Chair

ADDRESS: 49 Boston Rock Road
PHONE: 781-665-7231
Ed O’Connell
Ed O’Connell, Chair

ADDRESS: 20 Cleveland Street
PHONE: 781-854-2903
John Obremski

ADDRESS: 55 Hawley Rd.

Jen McAndrew

ADDRESS: 12 Sears Ave.

PHONE: 781-605-9917

Jennifer Razi-Thomas

ADDRESS: 106 Walton Park



Re:Coronavirus Pandemic

Their communications plan isn't designed to communicate actual truths. They only care about not letting the community see how they fail miserably at so many things. It usually is some screw-up they totally could have prevented and they don't want anyone to know. The school system and the city of Melrose.