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MPS: 2 Million-Dollar Oopsie

So the Melrose Public Schools admit that they somehow "overspent" TWO MILLION DOLLARS but were completely unaware that this had been happening.

For those who couldn't understand those of us who voted against the Override, this is the perfect elucidation of why no sentient being with any common sense WHATSOEVER should trust the School Committee or Administration. They are dishonest and incompetent, to add to their other many vices. They hire idiots, and then overpay them massively. They jump on the griftwagon and stuff what they can into their own pockets, combining their lust for $$$$$$ with their insatiable greed for power, all of which they abuse mightily. When they've managed to destroy once-functioning systems, they bail for their next mark (just as CT did when she "retired" to go onto a foundation and bankrupt it, and as her two assistant supers are no doubt doing with their next marks now).

And none of it "trickles" down to the students. Much of it ends up in the dumpsters. Remember that "enhanced" "program of studies" at MHS that promised a "career path" by offering Group Piano (with wires and power strips all over the floor (not at all up to code), and the purchase of lots of keyboards). Brilliant. Taymore and Farrell laughed all the way to their next rip-off. And Melrose high school parents paid a lot (a real lot!) of full tuition to send their untrained, untalented, super-entitled stars to Berklee for a semester for that glimmering pathway back to their parents' basement while they navigate their Recovery process.

Naturally they are promoting bogus Niche "results" showing MHS to be a star-studded center of excellence, when anyone with half a brain can look at the full report of DESE and see that MPS in fact continues to su%k. And the kids continue to pay the price, as do all of us taxpayers.

Oh, but Paulie is now all about "transparency"! Right! Truly the MAGAs could take lessons from Melrose pols about how to gaslight the public! And the ignorant citizenry will wring its hands for the 48.5 hours of shock and outrage, and then it'll be back to worrying about why there's no Halloween costumes at school. All those frantic parents just can't understand why they can't dress up their spawn to go to school as Britney Spears or Jeffrey Dahmer. Melrose...