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Well fellow seniors, once again we are being disregarded by the Cit's Administration & those "newbies to Melrose. What is good for them will be a hardship to those of us on fixed income, From what I read in the paper, their position is it;s time for us to go.

50 Year Resident

Re: 2 1/2 OVERIDE

Well, if it's "time for us to go" they are looking for I'm already accomplishing that at least ten times a day.

Re: 2 1/2 OVERIDE

The problem OG is that you need to go to city hall to do it - that's where people go to relieve themselves.

Re: 2 1/2 OVERIDE

Is anyone seriously thinking of voting for the override in November - just wondering.
Our Mayor just announced that even if the override does not pass, it won't impact the educational or city services.

I deduce two things from his statement: (1) that he and the city and schools don't need the money, and (2) he thinks we are fools since anyone who would vote for an override means that they are just plain stupid.

Mr. Mayor, I might have immigrant grandparents but I did not just off the boat at Ellis Island. If you play me like a fool, then suffer the consequences.

Re: 2 1/2 OVERIDE

I would find it hard to believe that anyone on a fixed income has given an iota of consideration to voting yes.
And for those who think the possibility of "us" having to leave if the override passes is simply bologna, think again!

Re: 2 1/2 OVERIDE

A community that has little regard for our elders who have fought wars, paid taxes, raised children here, supported our schools, treasured our open spaces like Mt. Hood and devoted their lives to making Melrose the City that is today is shameful.

And the shame is compounded by the McCarthyism cries from the “Say YES to Melrose” crowd who impugn anyone who would advocate for voting NO on the override as voters that care nothing about our once great City.

We need you now more than ever. Our elders are a treasure and are those that in many communities would be looked to for guidance.

I’m outraged that anyone would be told that if they can’t afford the financial burden of the override that they “need to move”. I say go take a long walk off a short bridge and do us all a favor.

Our City is in a battle for more than just an override. It is a battle for the soul of our City.

Re: 2 1/2 OVERIDE

Well spoken, Patty! Being one of those "old" Melrose folks, who is still doing part-time work and still paying off college educational debt, I can certainly sympathize with those less fortunate than myself who are struggling to live in the city after contributing so much to Melrose life and culture. They deserve our respect, admiration, and financial support whenever possible.

Public safety??? Schools? Raises??

Is the override going to clean up Wyoming Avenue? Is the override really going to put more police and fire on the street or just backfill guys already retired? Is the override going to stop the opiate addictions? The top administrators of Melrose have all received great increases in pensionable salaries that we will own when they retire and every year after that when their replacements get hired at $165,000. This vote is so the city can pay those bills first while our bills keep going up. I know I am not getting a 15-25% raise but will have to pay more taxes with less in return if this passes. I VOTE NO.

Re: Public safety??? Schools? Raises??

Have not been able to "get to" the computer too much, but will certainly make it to vote NO. I do believe that every vote is important, win or lose.

Re: Public safety??? Schools? Raises??

Hi Geezer! xxxxxxoooooo Voting NO too!

Re: Public safety??? Schools? Raises??

Thank you "novoters"! I can stay until the next fee increase

Re: Public safety??? Schools? Raises??

Just to remind everyone - although the override failed - don't think for a minute that our taxes and fees we pay each year do not go up!

Our property taxes go up each year because the city is allowed to do this up to 2.5% - then when you add on the higher costs for water/sewer, and then all the added incidental fees parents pay for their students during the year at our public schools - we pay much more than the 2.5% increase allowed for property taxes. The Mayor should not cry poor-mouth - now that the override failed - he and his elitists just didn't make the case for this override - it was a "want" list he provided, not a "need" list - big difference - and the residents realized this.

Now let's see what the Mayor does about the 4-5 members of the BOA who get their health care costs paid by the city ($100,000) - and what kind of union contract he and Taymore agree to with the teachers union this year (another 25% increase over the next 3 years?). I wouldn't be surprised even if the Mayor asks for another $10K increase in his salary - after all - all is subordinates have gotten raises lately.