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Just curious

I visit this board almost every day, although I have not lived or visited Melrose in many years.

I was wondering if anyone in the senior population knows or remembers Phil Madden? He was a Melrose police officer who I suspect has long since retired.

He and I were close friends in our early years, but have lost touch with each other from quite some time.

Re: Just curious

Well, I guess after four months and no reply the answer to my question is "no".

Re: Just curious

Much of the talk in Melrose of late has centered on the upcoming tax override vote, with each side of the debate making their presence known and stating their respective cases to all who will listen.

Re: Just curious

I wish someone did recognize him & could reconnect the TWO of you. Have you tried a Google search? It often brings up social media accounts for people.

Re: Just curious

You're talking about Phil (Philias) Matton I presume. He has a Facebook page, but hasn't posted in a couple of years.

Re: Just curious

Philias Matton is 78 years old and was born on 02/02/1941. Before moving to Philias's current city of Palm Bay, FL, Philias lived in Freedom NH. Philias also answers to Philias R Matton, Phil Matton and Philias Reginald Matton

Mr Philias R Matton

Lives in: Palm Bay, FL

Used to live: Palm Bay, FL, Melrose, MA, Freedom, NH, Melbourne, FL, Boston, MA