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Melrose COVID-19 cases

One thing I wasn't clear on in tonight's message from the Mayor, is whether we ALL will be informed of when/where the 3 people who have tested positive have recently been, if they were indeed public places. Could someone clarify that for me? Thank you.

Re: Melrose COVID-19 cases

Twenty-five (as of 3/30) confirmed cases seemed like a lot for Melrose, but doing some quick 'ciphering' it appears to be the same as the entire Statewide average, not that that makes it any better!

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No we won't be told that. People known to have direct contact who can be traced can be given notice, but that's it. There's won't be "If you were in the household cleaners aisle of Shaw's" or "if you were walking on East Foster Street" at "N time on N date" kind of notices. That's what the shelter in place advisory is meant to reduce the risk of. Can't eliminate it. You takes your chances. It's not like a natural gas leak.

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I can see now that that would be impractical, thank you for responding!
I also want to say that, as one of the ‘elderly’, I am overwhelmed and humbled by family, friends, and neighbors both “checking in” and/or offering to help. A heartfelt thank you to all who are doing the same!

Re: Melrose COVID-19 cases

The reason for closing the upper portion of the Mt. Hood parking area is what, to concentrate the used condoms into the lower portions?

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I thought I read something recently about someone suggesting this year’s excise tax be waived. Does anyone else recall that, or know anything about it? I ask only because if I pay it to my leasing company, it will be like pulling teeth to get it back.

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Maybe the biggest thing we can do help each other anyway we can.We have a long way to go.Today we still have a significant amount of work to do in order to accomplish for this deadly virus to stop it.

Re: Melrose COVID-19 cases

Sorry Geezer - just saw this. Don't pay the leasing company until they bill you. If the town didn't bill the leasing company, the company won't bill you. I usually get mine in March, and didn't. So far I've heard nothing, and I check the leasing company's website frequently.

Re: Melrose COVID-19 cases

Thank you!

Re: Melrose COVID-19 cases

Social Distancing and When you’re out socially distanced, wear a mask,And when you get behind the wheel, slow down.Maybe you get lucky you will have to pay a fine for speeding.Yes you. This is Melrose Mass 02176.Speeding fine with a surcharge on your car insurance company will notify you and the Merit Rating Board MRB if you are involved in an accident subject to surcharge if the Accident.

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Holy crap.

Re: Melrose COVID-19 cases

This is reality life has changed.This virus is no joke.

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The midweek update by the MA DPH of COVID cases by town/city (Melrose is listed with 206 cases, an increase of > 30% over last week, and ~ a rate of 712 per 100,0000):

And the MA DPH's daily dashboard - MelWake's COVID census has declined noticeably to 33:

Re: Melrose COVID-19 cases

Middlesex County
As of Wed, Jun 10, 2020, 6:19 PM EDT
Confirmed Cases22,889
2.1%Since last week
2.9%Since last week
Confirmed Cases103,132

Re: Melrose COVID-19 cases

Trusted, up-to-date information with AI from Watson.
Middlesex County
As of Mon, Jun 22, 2020, 6:23 PM EDT
Confirmed Cases23,609
1.6%Since last week
2.6%Since last week
Confirmed Cases107,210

Re: Mass. reports 233 new coronavirus cases as death toll passes 8,000

Mass. reports 233 new coronavirus cases as death toll passes 8,000
By Christina Prignano Globe Staff,Updated June 26, 2020, 2 hours ago
Medical workers take down personal information from those driving in to take a COVID-19 test.
Medical workers take down personal information from those driving in to take a COVID-19 test.Erin Clark/Globe Staff

The coronavirus death toll in Massachusetts passed another heartbreaking milestone Friday, climbing over 8,000, state officials said.

The death toll rose by 50 to 8,013. The state also reported that 233 more people had tested positive for the virus, bringing the total to 108,070.

The numbers reflected both confirmed and probable deaths and cases. When confirmed cases only are included, the tally is 7,815 deaths and 103,071 cases.

The state reported 39 new confirmed-case deaths, and 11 new probable deaths. It also reported 149 new confirmed cases, plus 84 probable cases.

The state reported that 8,545 new individuals had been given the molecular coronavirus test, bringing the total of individuals tested to 809,086. The total number of molecular tests that have been administered rose to 1,020,867.
Key metrics the state is looking at for the reopening
The latest COVID-19 numbers from Massachusetts

The state also reported that new antibody tests had been completed for 1,506 people, bringing that total to 68,259.

Meanwhile, key metrics monitored by the state remained at low levels compared to mid-April highs.

The state reported that the seven-day weighted average of positive coronavirus tests was 1.9 percent as of Thursday, a number that has been roughly stable this week and down 94 percent from April 15.
Flourish logoA Flourish chart

The three-day average of hospitalized coronavirus patients dropped to 851 as of Thursday, down from 905 the day before. The number of hospitals utilizing surge capacity dropped back down to two Thursday after climbing to four earlier in the week.

The three-day average of coronavirus deaths was 26 as of Tuesday, up from 23 the day before but still 83 percent lower than mid-April highs.
Flourish logoA Flourish chart

Friday’s numbers were reported hours after Governor Charlie Baker urged Massachusetts residents not to let up on their response to the coronavirus.

“We’ll continue to monitor these public health indicators … as we move through our phased reopening plan,” Baker said, urging people to be “vigilant and mindful” and wear face coverings, practice social distancing, and stay home if they feel sick. ”It’s been working. It’s worked well for the people of Massachusetts. And we all need to keep it up,” he said.

“COVID-19 will not be taking a summer vacation,” Baker added.

He told residents looking to relax social distancing practices to pay attention to what’s happening in states like Florida and Texas, which are seeing a surge in the number of new cases.

“We do need to recognize and understand that this is still very much with us,” Baker said during a State House briefing. “And for anybody who thinks this is over, I would just ask them to take a look at the data coming out of a lot of the states in the South and the Southwest, which had a very positive set of statistics week over week after week in the months of April and May, and now they’re really starting to struggle. I think we all need to understand that vigilance and caution with regard to this and serious focus on the data and on the things that stop the spread is where we really need to play.”Key public health metrics will determine if and when it is appropriate to proceed through reopening phases

Public health data trends indicating significant increases in viral transmission could result in returning to prior phases or closing sectors of the economy

Florida and Texas both took steps this week to close down bars after reporting record highs in daily coronavirus cases.

Jaclyn Reiss, Martin Finucane, and Travis Andersen of the Globe staff contributed.

Re: No New COVID-19 Deaths Reported In Massachusetts:

By Mike Carraggi, Patch StaffVerified Patch Staff Badge
Jun 30, 2020 8:18 pm ET
Updated Jun 30, 2020 9:14 pm ET
Gov. Charlie Baker.
Gov. Charlie Baker. (Stuart Cahill/Boston Herald via AP, Pool)

Today is Tuesday, June 30.

No deaths were reported in the state's daily coronavirus update, the first time in months there were no fatalities related to COVID-19. The death toll stood at 8,054 for the second straight day.

The Department of Public Health's daily report said the fatality total declined due to "data cleaning." It said it had removed duplicate deaths, which are often caused by typing errors.

There were 114 newly confirmed and probable cases of the virus, bringing the total to 108,882.