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Re: Override

Been a while since I cared enough to check in here, but I can't resist. I'm not usually one to say I told you so but I told you so - years ago. Another override, a cesspool of a school system, including a school committee that should be indicted for malfeasance, and finally someone is highlighting the overt racism that exists and is tolerated in the schools. I hate to clue you in, but it's nothing new and has been going on for years.

In retrospect, moving out of Melrose when I did ranks as one of the best decisions I ever made. Bet you wish you had. You didn't though. What you did was to continue to enable the morons running things into the ground. When are you going to say enough is enough? Shame on all of you. You're getting exactly what you deserve. LMAO! Idiots.

Re: Override

Old Crow (Guy?????)
Believe it or not, sometimes moving out is, for many reasons ,easier said than done, but I agree with the sentiment!

Re: Override

Both said it like it is. The local governance and all the revolting Yes sycophants are betting on a slumbering citizenry so that they can continue getting away with their many crimes against responsible governance, basic decency, and so much else. They're so arrogant and getting brasher with every move because they have been unchecked by the voting public for a long time. NO NO NO to this override and so much else!

Re: Override

Can't seem to find the override vote results. Anyone??

Re: Override

Override rejected:

4,280 Yes (45.37%)
5,150 No (54.6%)
3 Blanks

Turnout roughly 44% of registered voters

Only ward that voted majority Yes was Ward 3.

Re: Override

Thank you
and 👍

Re: Override

Holy canoli, Batman! Did the good people of Melrose finally wake up from their stupor and decide they had been taking it in the rear end for long enough? Or was this just a one off flash of common sense?

Re: Override

Tune in to this miserable School Committee meeting that I mistakenly tuned into last night (it's back to Dragnet and Mayberry after this wretchedness):

(the June 25th MSC mtg)

Watch at 1:30:00 and see McAndrew openly talk about how bad student performance, that "proficiency data is NOT GOOD...." percentages of students NOT EVEN MEETING GRADE-LEVEL expectations.

Well, at least (for once) one of them uttered an unpleasant truth instead of the round-robin of self-congratulation and interminable gaslighting by ALL of them, and ALL of the administrators brought forward.

and then at 1:47:00 when Razi-Thomas rants about the Personnel Report (indicating the usual departure/retirement/and a few pink slips of staff that happens every year), and about how this is all the fault of those mean, uncaring Melrosians who voted down the override and don't care about students or teachers.... This is the unthinking mindset of these people, and it's gross. On whom would they be blaming for those poor performance results if the override had passed????! It's always the same story with these people, and it's a complete fiction. They never take a shred of responsibility for their OWN failures in determining how the schools "perform," not a single one of them.

So with all their hand-wringing, their answer is just more acronym/word salad and gaslighting, and not a coherent answer, except... and this is rich: to BLAME THE KIDS for NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH! Whooboy, these folks are pieces of work. Sure, the system fails them miserably but all the officials care about is to make sure the district's next rating with the realtors (a totally phony metric) is highly desirable (must whitewash those pesky federal civil rights cases!), so they'll do or say anything that will create that cloud of BS for the ignorant suckup parents to buy into and then begin the next override campaign. Before you know it, they'll all be telling us again and again how EXEMPLARY the district is, just like the rating they gave the superintendent, as per usual. And they most certainly DO expect that they will outnumber the No votes in their next override coup attempt.... Stay tuned.

Re: Override

Yup. Same chit, different day.