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I found it necessary to find out just how old is our own precious bridge, called the L'Anse Bridge in Gouyave. The interest of finding that out came to me, after I'd read an article on the history of the Paradise Bridge, in Paradise, St. Andrew's. Built in 1813, the Paradise Bridge was welcomed by the residents of that section of St. Andrew's, and beyond the immediate areas of western St. Andrew's. Yesterday was the 200 years, since the Paradise Bridge was built.

At around 1889, when the embarkment, and the stone bridge along the Gouyave River was destroyed by heavy floods, an iron bridge was built to take it place. They called it "The L'Anse Bridge."

The L'Anse Bridge was built to withstand the test of time, in terms of heavy winds and rains, floods and earthquakes, and easy access to get to the Central Depardine Street, from Upper Depardine Street. The Gouyave River, which divides Gouyave into two parts, is not a wide river. It spans about twenty-five feet, or so, in width. It's not the longest river in Grenada; that edge goes to the" Great River" that runs under The Paradise Bridge in Paradise, St. Andrew's. But just like the Paradise Bridge is known for taking the lives of some people, by heavy flooding, the Gouyave River reputation as a river that took people's lives, by heavy flooding, is also well earned.

Ordinarily, the Gouyave River ran low under the famous L'Anse Bridge but, many times in the past, it broke away from it usual slow flowing ways, and rose higher than the embankment, that was built to prevent it from taking some people's lives, and indeed took some people's lives in the process.

The Gouyave River is well known to those who've walked, or rode on the L'Anse Bridge that spans over it. But not many people took the time to look at the under structure of the L'Anse Bridge. For over one hundred, and fifty years, the L'Anse Bridge has been faithful to everyone, who called Gouyave their home. And, to those who passed through the town of Gouyave, felt safe and secured, when they're over one of the most popular landmarks in the town of Gouyave.