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Alister McPhie was a fisherman. He enjoyed fishing as much as anyone who enjoyed the trade they had. He was the son of one of my neighbor's daughters, and he did live in my neck of the woods for a portion of his youthful days. He'd one of the loudest voices in the area where he lived, but without a doubt, he was a.sort of a pet to everyone in his neighbirhood. He wasn't a tall lad. He was stumpy with a strong built, as if to say that he was a devoted weightlifter for all his life. Vibrantly, he was as most of the other youths his age; he joined in every sport and game that the neighbirhood children played. He never picked a fight with his friends. He was too smart to fall deep, into pettiness for his own sake and reasons. He was very helpful to the elders in the neighborhood, and he'd respected them beyond aanyone's imagination. Mongo Road would've been dead, without Alister McPhie as a young boy living in it.

Alister McPhie came from a poor family, as most of the.young people in his time. His joy of being alive was noticable everywhere he went in Gouyave. He'd charisma and the right kind of personality to go with it. His light shone seebright, and he'd loved to smile and waved at other people, when he was out in the streets. He was exceptional in lots of different ways, and his overall behavior proved it well for him. On top of that, he wasn't a lazy boy. His grandmother, Miss Marie (RIP) McPhie, had loved him dearly for the good in him, and for the chances he took with some tasks that seemed difficult for him to do. He was one of the bravest young man that'd ever lived in the Town of Gouyave.

Gouyave was home for Alister McPhie. He never gave it up for any other parts of Grenada. As if Gouyave was written all over his heart, he showed everyone that he was a true blooded Gouyaveman, by giving his love and dedication to everything that came from Gouyave. Although he wasn't a misician, he sometimes acted just like he was the biggest one ever. But it was all a bluff, to make people laugh.

During those days when the number musical group from Gouyave called 'Harmony With Brass, had gigs all over Grenada, Alister McPhie was there with them everywhere they want out to play. He helped them carry their equippments inside the dancehall, and stayed with them all night long, to assist them again, to carry the equippments back to the wooden bus for the long trip back to.Gouyave. His help was greatly appreciated, by all the members from Harmony With Brass. They loved each and every bone that was in his body.

Fishing was probably Alister's first love. Most likely, he couldn't have gone a day, without going out to sea. But, one day, Alister McPhie went out to sea, and he didn't return back to shore. No one knew what happened to him, or the fishing boat he was on. The news of Alister's not returning back to shore, grew quickly all over Gouyave. The Town of Gouyave kept vigilance for days, and nights, hoping to see the return of one of the best sons of Gouyave. The sadness grew stronger,.and stronger, as no sight was ever captured of the young boy we called, "My Bone". Until the search for Alister was called of, and be was presumed dead.

Even if everyone thinks that Alister McPhie is dead by now, he remains a talk of almost everyday, from those who'd known him to weather whatever the storm was.

Alister McPhie was a fighter. The day when he got lost at sea, hasn't been out of the minds of.the minds of the people from Gouyave. He was truely missed!

My Bone, my dear friend, I want you to know that wherever you are, we'll never forget you!


As a young musician in HARMONYS My Bone and I grew up together.He was always helpful and besides being our roadie,he sometimes was the doorman and even tried to play some form of percussion.Sad to hear what happened to him.


We've lost some of our young friends, through different kinds of tradegies, and we kept on remembering them ever since. They were the boys we grew up with, playing games and cooking Flying Fish, and other kinds of fishes; the Manicou or, a yard fowl, etc, ect. It was an integral part of what we'd to call our recreation. Alister was certainly one that we wanted to be around us everytime. It couldn't have been harder for the folks in Gouyave, when we lost him, and another young friend, Fluke. The sea can be deemed a brutal place to venture out into. Although one can make a decent living, by fishing in its deep waters. My Bone, and Fluke were unfortunate to be two of the victims of the sea.

Fluke was from Upper Depardine Street. I believe that he was Miss Laura's son. The day we lost Alister and Fluke at sea, is a day Gouyave will never forget. They were still in the prime of their lives.

I remember you playing with Harmonys With Brass. My nephew, Rawlins, talks about you everytime. Rawlins was a run-around with Harmonys With Brass, for partying, and meeting new people sake. As you may recall, Rawlins hailed from Waterloo, and he is the grandson of Mr. & Mrs. George (Windblow) Chatram.

Thanks for letting me know more about the role Alister played in Harmonys! He was more important to the group, than I'd ever imagined.


Ramdan,I can vividly remember dem days. Mybone used to feel so "heavy". You remember how loud he used to be? (laugh).


It's so sad to hear that story about Alister McPhie. I thought he was alive and well in Gouyave. DNJ, the sea has a bizarre and cruel way of showing her love for those like Kiurks and My Bone who truly loved her by keeping them all to herself and never letting them return.
Belated condolences are extended to his family, and may he rest in peace.


It's alawys sad news for us when our fishermen went out to sea and didn't return back to shore. Usually, it takes more that a million heartbeats just to let the lost of our dear fishermen sink in our minds. Although we live our lives expecting the unexpected, we are left with questions that we, or anyone else have answers to, except Mother Nature. But, then again, Mother Nature won't give us the time of the day, to satisfy our curiousity in finding out what'd happened to our friends, who were lost at sea. My Bone, and the other men, including one woman, whom I think was Little Man, and Christine, from Central daughter, who were lost at sea, was an unfortunate situation, but were just have to live with the lost because, we must accept the things we can not change. Because it's nothing more than an absolute reality to embrace, in spite of the measure of pain in it!

Besides My Bone, we've lost other young people at sea. We've lost Steve, Loslyn's son; We've lost Davis. Davis was Theresa's son. Theresa was the daughter of my father's sister, Lily Alexander, and sister to Trevor (Bay-Bay), and Papa Son, and Muggy, from Central, and niece to Pie. Davis was my second cousin. We've lost Fluke, who I believed was Miss Laura's son. We've lost Kiurks, and a man we called, "BoundTo Drunk." Bound To Drunk was from somewhere in St. Patrick's, but lived in Gouyave as a fisherman. They were claimed by the sea a long time ago, but the memory of them lingers in our minds day, aafter day.

These were some of the saddest days that Gouyave experienced. But, like we all know, God alone understands the reason for removing these young men away from us. We must still give him the thanks and praises; for he's the giver and the taker of everything that he made.

What would be nice is to have a Memorial Day set in place for those men that Gouyave had lost at sea,by the fishermen, who are still alive. IIt'll be a recognition of their time, and work.

Nevertheless, I haven't heard of any one from Gouyave being lost at sea for the longest while. If that's true, I pray to the Almightly Father above, that it remains this way for us, and be thankful to God for it.

Hwever, I still have hopes that one, two, three, or more of these men, who were deemed lost at.sea, will show up on the L'Anse one.day, with Spanish as their second language. The way I see it there's no wrong in anticipating the best results from the wrost tradegies that'd occurred to us, after all these years.

Because, you see, with God, everything's possible! So, we must keep hope alive!