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It's alawys sad news for us when our fishermen went out to sea and didn't return back to shore. Usually, it takes more that a million heartbeats just to let the lost of our dear fishermen sink in our minds. Although we live our lives expecting the unexpected, we are left with questions that we, or anyone else have answers to, except Mother Nature. But, then again, Mother Nature won't give us the time of the day, to satisfy our curiousity in finding out what'd happened to our friends, who were lost at sea. My Bone, and the other men, including one woman, whom I think was Little Man, and Christine, from Central daughter, who were lost at sea, was an unfortunate situation, but were just have to live with the lost because, we must accept the things we can not change. Because it's nothing more than an absolute reality to embrace, in spite of the measure of pain in it!

Besides My Bone, we've lost other young people at sea. We've lost Steve, Loslyn's son; We've lost Davis. Davis was Theresa's son. Theresa was the daughter of my father's sister, Lily Alexander, and sister to Trevor (Bay-Bay), and Papa Son, and Muggy, from Central, and niece to Pie. Davis was my second cousin. We've lost Fluke, who I believed was Miss Laura's son. We've lost Kiurks, and a man we called, "BoundTo Drunk." Bound To Drunk was from somewhere in St. Patrick's, but lived in Gouyave as a fisherman. They were claimed by the sea a long time ago, but the memory of them lingers in our minds day, aafter day.

These were some of the saddest days that Gouyave experienced. But, like we all know, God alone understands the reason for removing these young men away from us. We must still give him the thanks and praises; for he's the giver and the taker of everything that he made.

What would be nice is to have a Memorial Day set in place for those men that Gouyave had lost at sea,by the fishermen, who are still alive. IIt'll be a recognition of their time, and work.

Nevertheless, I haven't heard of any one from Gouyave being lost at sea for the longest while. If that's true, I pray to the Almightly Father above, that it remains this way for us, and be thankful to God for it.

Hwever, I still have hopes that one, two, three, or more of these men, who were deemed lost at.sea, will show up on the L'Anse one.day, with Spanish as their second language. The way I see it there's no wrong in anticipating the best results from the wrost tradegies that'd occurred to us, after all these years.

Because, you see, with God, everything's possible! So, we must keep hope alive!